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Australia - Primary Schools Ban Homework To Give Students More Leisure Time

A growing number of schools in Australia are banning homework for primary students citing other ways the students could use their time such as by relaxing or playing. Four WA public schools have already introduced "no homework" policies and asked students to read a little each night with their parents if possible. This novel approach to public education could become more common if the schools see positive results.

Research by British scientist and professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California Mathew P. Walker has shown that moving the starting time of school for children forward by one hour drastically improved students performance. A similar concept could be at work in the four WA schools.

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The time homework takes could be better spent, according to school officials who say young children benefit more from time spent with family, recreational activities and recharging. Principal Jayne Murray of Bramfield Park Primary School, in the Perth suburb of Maddington, instituted a no homework policy last year but there were some requirements. Murray asked that students get out and play rather than spending time glued to a screen. She also requested students get a good night's sleep.

"There's lots of research to show that doing extra homework doesn't have an educational benefit for our students," Murray said. "They work really hard when they're here every day. They're on task; they're really learning a lot, so we think after school is a time to do something else, not be on their screens but get outside and play. It's a stress for parents, it's a stress for teachers. Finding that time to sit down with your child is difficult if you're busy."

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Murray added that only a small number of parents requested homework for their children and the school directed them to online learning resources such as ABC Reading Eggs and Mathletics, or suggested getting a tour.

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Principal Rebecca Burns of Southern Grove Primary School said she is more interested in fostering a love for reading than homework. "I would like them to be reading; I would like them to be cooking with their parents," Burns said. "I would like them to be playing board games; I would like them to be outside doing some physical activity and sport, playing with their friends and also just having that downtime. We need them to be able to relax, have a break and just be themselves."

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Anonymous No. 33901 2018-08-14 : 18:04

Welp, looks like Australia is going to be Austrailing a lot more countries in test scores, now. What's next? Free beer at the end of the day?

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