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China - Doctor Killed Family With Yoga-Ball Filled With Gas

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Even doctors can be murderers, although it is a rare juxtaposition, that is exactly what an anesthesiologist in Hong Kong is charged with after placing a leaking yoga ball filled with carbon dioxide inside the family's car. 53-year-old Khaw Kim-sun is a Malaysian citizen who meticulously planned the murder which succeeded in killing his estranged wife and one of his four children.

Kim-sun is accused of having an affair and becoming distant from his family although they lived together despite their marriage being on the rocks. The 53-year-old is accused of putting a yoga ball filled with a deadly gas inside the trunk of a Mini Cooper driven by his wife Wong Siew-fung.

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Both Siew-fung and their 16-year-old daughter were found unconscious in the car within an hour of leaving the family's home. The pair were declared dead from severe carbon dioxide poisoning although investigators could find no problems with the car. Kim-sun was arrested for the crime in September and his trial got underway this Wednesday where he pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors say the anesthesiologist got the carbon dioxide from the hospital where he worked and even had the help of his lover who was coincidentally also his assistant. Colleagues say they were told he wanted to "test its purity" but only on rabbits. A local paper reported that he told police he later decided to use the gas to exterminate rats at his family's home. A maid testified that the household did not have a rodent problem.

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The disgraced doctor said he was unaware his daughter would be in the car and home from school on the day he executed his plan to kill his wife. Prosecutor Andrew Bruce said he likely didn't intend to kill the 16-year-old. "The last thing the accused wanted was for his 16-year-old to die," Bruce said.

Speaking to a jury of five men and four women, Bruce continued, "But if that person knew what was in the car was carbon monoxide and knew it was a dangerous gas likely to kill you, you can confirm this person had homicide on his mind." The trial still has a long ways to go before all of the evidence is heard and a verdict is reached.

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