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Watch Out For These Dangers When You're Trick-Or-Treating This Halloween

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With heavy rains expected in the Tri-State area, families have begun trick-or-treating a night early in hopes of avoiding potential rain torrents on Halloween. Police are offering a reminder to all children and their parents to stay safe on the spookiest night of the year. Most kids look forward to the holiday and see it as nothing more than a chance for all the free candy they can get, but there are dangers to be on the lookout for including sharp objects intentionally mixed with goodies.

There have been instances of everything from needs to razor blades being mixed in with bags of candy. <a href="">The Sun Journal in Auburn, Maine reported</a> that a man found a sewing needle in a fun-size Snickers bar that one of his kids picked up. <a href="">Another parent found a razor blade</a> inside a wrapper of a Twix Mini candy bar.

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<a href="">An even more disturbing discovery was made</a> when an 8-year-old girl found a bag of blue meth inside her bag of goodies.

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Police say parents should check children's bags for any dangerous items or signs that a wrapper is not sealed. Allee Kirtley of Owensboro said, "I try to go through all her candy to make sure nothing is opened or looks like it's been messed with or closed bag or anything like that."

Officer Andrew Boggess of the Owensboro Police Department said, "It could be candy that came in the factory that was unwrapped. You may not want to touch it. You may want to throw it away." Daviess County Sheriffs Deputies say you should avoid anything homemade altogether unless it was from someone you completely trust.

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Major Barry Smith also had some wise words for parents when it comes to where you let your children trick-or-treat. Smith says parents should check sex offender registries to see where registered sex offenders live. Most cities offer a section on their website where registered sex offender maps can be found.

"It's not like they're going to have a sign on the door saying, 'I'm a sexual predator. Do not go into my residence.' Although the parents can look up in different subdivisions and see if they want to avoid that particular house," Major Smith said. The National Association for Rational Sex Offender Laws says they have set up special hotlines for "cop-watches" in order to monitor potential abuses of their constitutional rights.

A spokesman for the group said most sexual assaults committed on Halloween are not by registered offenders. This should be even more reason to take the time to check your local neighborhoods for any registered sex offenders and be on the lookout for anything that could be amiss.

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Here are some extra tips for those looking to do some fun-filled candy hunting on Halloween. Be safe this Halloween and happy hunting!

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There have never been razor blades in anything like halloween candy. That's an old wives tale that has never gone away.

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