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Portland Police Release Footage Of Patrick Kimmons' Fatal Shooting And Rule It Justified

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Amid the growing unrest in Portland, Oregon where Antifa mobs are taking over whole portions of the city, gang members are taking advantage of the chaos. One gang member named Patrick Kimmons was shot and killed by Portland Police released video of the incident today.

A Multnomah County grand jury convened for two days before finding the officers involved in the shooting justified and clearing them of any wrongdoing. Sgt. Garry Britt and Officer Jeffrey Livingston fired at Kimmons when he came barreling toward them with a gun in his hand. Kimmons had just shot two people and was fleeing the scene when he unknowingly ran right into Sgt. Britt and Officer Livingston.

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The 27-year-old Kimmons was running with a gun in his hand when the officers fired 12 shots striking him with nine of them. He was pronounced dead at OHSU Hospital shortly after the shooting. Multnomah County District Attorney's Office prosecutors met with Kimmons' mother and family Wednesday and showed them the video of his fatal encounter.

Police also invited community leaders to the North Precinct to show them the videos and inform them of the latest updates. Kimmons' mother, Letha Winston, says "The verdict is not justifiable." She protested outside the courthouse after the jury's findings were announced. "I'm gonna fight for my baby," she said. "How could you shoot a man after he already laid down flat."

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Police say Britt and Livingston parked their police SUVs in a nearby lot at Southwest Fourth Avenue and Harvey Milk Street. The officers left the overhead emergency lights on when they exited their vehicles around 3 a.m. The officers were in the lot to help provide security for nearby bars and clubs as patrons come pouring out.

The spot near the Golden Dragon strip club is a known area for gang activity and the police intentionally keep a heavy presence. The two officers began walking toward a group of people and reported to dispatch they heard gunshots around 3:02 a.m. At the opposite corner of the lot, a fight was ensuing between two men who Kimmons opened fire on firing five shots and wounding both.

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Officers were left with no choice but to address the threat in front of them even as Kimmons veered off between two cars. The two men he had shot were Dante Emanuel Hall and Marcell Branch. Hall is a friend of Kimmons even though he was shot by him. Branch told police he was walking through the lot after parking when a group of men approached him and it led to a fight between him and Hall.

Branch said he was suddenly shot in the back and he hobbled to his car and sped off to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. When he had nearly reached the hospital's door, a black Camaro pulled up behind him making him think they were after him so he pounded on the sliding doors to open. The black Camaro turned out to be carrying Hall who was dropped off at the hospital. Branch underwent surgery for a gunshot wound to his back and upper right arm. An additional camera angle was released.

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Both Hall and Kimmons are associated with the Rolling 60s Crips gang and Branch has ties to the Unthank Park Hustlers. Police found Kimmons' .38-caliber revolver near his body and four other guns were recovered at the scene. As the officers attempted to approach Kimmons and take him into custody someone nearby shouted, "If one of my homies is dead, I'm gonna turn this city upside down."

The president of the Portland Police Association Officer Daryl Turner said both officers had only split seconds to react when the shooting occurred September 30. He said in a public statement, "Our officers did exactly what the community asks of them; they acted to stop a person who posed an immediate, deadly threat to our community."

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Anonymous No. 41038 2018-11-02 : 09:04

Takin' out the trash, good work boys.

Anonymous No. 41040 2018-11-02 : 09:36

Good thing he only carried a .38, probably wouldn't have survived a back shot with a higher caliber, that is why .45 is the way to go. None of that 9mm or .38 bs

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Instant KARMA …

Thank you Karma.

Now how long before Yo-Mama, Al and Jesse swoop in for some paid political speeches?

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Popcorn and Pepsi, then watch the video

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jigaboos are stupid and violen. they are costing our country billions annually to TRY to control their savage impulses.

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Looks like he got shot in the back

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