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Australia - Alec Newald Explains He Spent 10 Days In Advanced Alien Civilization (Video)

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A man in New Zealand claims to have had an encounter with extraterrestrials in February 1989 that lasted ten days. Alec Newald was heading off on a three-hour drive to Auckland from Rotorua in the volcanic heart of New Zealand on a typical Monday. What happened next changed the 70-year-old Newald's view of the universe and everything in it forever.

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Newald claims to have been taken by the extraterrestrials for ten days during which he lived among them in an advanced civilization. He remembers passing through a winding, foggy mountain road and arriving in Auckland tired and disheveled. The biggest shock would come to him when he would learn that it was now Thursday, ten days after he started his drive. The worst part was he couldn't remember what happened during those lost ten days.

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Newald is scheduled to give a talk at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club in west Sydney this Saturday where he will reveal exactly what he thinks happened during those missing ten days. Part of his experience entails being with "friendly beings" and has "profound implications for all of us here on earth".

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The strange tale evolved into a book written by Newald himself called "Co-Evolution". In it, he talks about his experience and the journey of trying to piece his memories back together. He has been telling the story to UFO media outlets since the encounter happened in 1989. Newald appeared on a radio talk show named "As You Wish Talk Radio" which is hosted by American Ufologist James Gilliland who is an experiencer himself.

"I was like what the hell is going on here?" Newald said in the interview with James. "I was driving the car and it felt like a tonne of bricks had landed on me, like someone had poured cement on me. I felt like I was pushed into the seat of that car. I was paralyzed, I couldn’t turn the wheel or apply the brakes or do anything."

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He recalls speeding down the winding road at 100km an hour towards a cliff face and tried to brace for the inevitable impact, but no impact came. The next thing he recalls he was waking up in a "cavernous" space filled with flashing neon blue lights causing him to think he was dead and in the spirit world. He claims that he had never given a second thought to UFOs before the encounter and has never taken drugs.

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"I’m just like a wispy ghost with no form at all," Newald said. "I found I could maneuver myself by moving my consciousness forward or sideways." While surrounded by other "spirit forms", he felt a "tap on the shoulder". He describes what happens next in an excerpt from his book.

"Looking up, I realized we were being approached by three aliens, the tallest of them looking like my escort from earlier on," he wrote. "The second one was just a little shorter and was male as far as I could tell. The third was smaller, much smaller, and walked ahead of the other two. He, for want of a better word was slightly built with a roundish head and rather unusual, squinty eyes which were well spaced and placed rather lower down than are our own."

"He had a very small mouth, but I did not notice any ears or much of a nose. His physical appearance, however, was of almost no consequence, for I was immediately struck with an almost overpowering feeling of his presence. I cannot say it was hypnotic if anything, the opposite. It was as if his energy was being projected and absorbed by my body."

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Newald told extraterrestrial enthusiasts at UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated that he knew the experience was a "very hard pill to swallow." He says the experience has dominated his life ever since. "Try absorbing that and continue to live your life as if nothing has changed," Newald said.

"Perhaps an even bigger surprise was, with the exception of a few, the more I tried to share this information the harder my life became. I was ostracized by people you might have expected support from. In fact, even before I tried to share any of the things I’d learned, my life started to become more than difficult. It became impossible to continue on as before."

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