By: Kyle James | 12-18-2018 | News
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Brazil - Three Cannibals Sentenced For Cooking Women Into Pastries

Three Brazilian cannibals, a man, his wife, and his mistress were all sentenced to several decades in prison Monday. The trio was convicted of murdering women and then cooking their flesh into pastries. Their disturbing crimes did not stop there, they also sold the pastries to unsuspecting neighbors.


The grotesque crimes earned Jorge Beltrao Negromonte da Silveira the nickname the "Sweeny Todd" cannibal.

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Silveira, his wife Isabel Pires, and his mistress, Bruna Cristina Oliveira, were all arrested in 2012 for the murders of three women, according to Brazilian media outlet G1. Silveira's heinous actions earned him a sentence of 71 years in prison. His wife Isabel was sentenced to 68 years in prison and the mistress was sentenced to 71 years also.

The court heard about how the three worked together to lure women into their home by offering them a job as a nanny. But the unsuspecting women would never emerge from the home alive, or in one piece for that matter. The trio of cannibals would murder the victims in a grotesque purification ritual.


While all three lured women into the home, it was Silveira's wife Pires who would do the cooking. Pires would cook the victims' flesh into traditional stuffed meat pastries. They would then sell the meat pastries in their neighborhood in Garanhuns, in northeastern Brazil.

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The rest of the human remains would get buried in the backyard of the trio's home. When police first arrested Silveira, they found the charred remains of a book he wrote. He titled the book "Revelations of a Schizophrenic" and wrote about hearing voices.


Silveira also wrote about he was obsessed with killing women. The sentencing was the second for the cannibal family after they were already found guilty in 2014 of killing Jessica Camila da Silva Pereira. Silveira received a sentence of 23 years for killing Pereira and his wife and mistress each got 20 years.


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