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California - Democrats Renew War Against Gun Ownership By Raising Gun Tax And Worse

There was a blue wave that swept California when the midterm elections granted Democrats a supermajority in both chambers of the state's legislature. I don't think there is any question as to why since Democrats won in California, it is because its a sanctuary city where millions of illegals are harbored and given "special rights" that undermine federal law. And since Democrats parade in favor of open borders and more welfare, naturally they get the votes of these millions of illegals.

The state was the first to enforce plastic straw pans and has thus far been setting the precedent for other liberal states when it comes to their illegal immigration "sanctuary" policies. These policies are meant to do nothing more than product undocumented immigrants and grant them welfare. This isn't just my opinion, these are facts. More than 7 out of 10 illegal households are on welfare. This data comes from the latest Census Bureau data analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

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Now that the Democrats have tightened their stranglehold on the giant western state, it seems they are on pace to hold 29 out of 40 seats in the state Senate as well as 60 out of the 80 in the state Assembly. This is a stringing difference than other states in the country with more even splits although California is far from the only state to have a radical partisan majority. Democratic governor-elect, Gavin Newsom can veto-proof majorities in the legislation but it may not be needed on most issues since they have the majority in everything now.

The liberal left is already looking to enact new and deadly laws like the recently passed "Red Flag" law which allows a person to go before a judge and accuse another individual of being a danger to themselves or others without that person ever being given a notification that the hearing is taking place or an opportunity to respond. This results in a judge issuing a seizure order for the person's firearms and needless to say these don't end well sometimes. A man was recently gunned down by officers who were searching a Red Flag warrant to search and seize all of a 63-year-old man's firearms. He resisted the seizure and was killed in his own home for it.

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Zev Yaroslavsky, the director of the Los Angeles Initiative at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs said, "Republicans are politically less relevant in California than they have been in years and it is really up to the Democrats to decide what role they play. But as long as Democrats stay unified, they won’t even need bipartisan support." One legislation that Democrats want so desperately to pass is Assembly Bill 18 which looks to tax the sale of handguns and semiautomatic firearms so much that people won't be able to afford them and so fewer families will be able to protect themselves.

The new bill would implement "an excise tax on the sales of handguns and semiautomatic rifles" and then it claims it would hand over any revenue occurred from the tax toward the California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program (CalVIP). Don't do it. Who owns the CaIVIP? Which interests does it represent? Certainly, not those of the people because increasing the cost of firearms to pay classes for dummies is as bad as Macron raising the tax by .30 to pay for environmental issues.

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Levine stated earlier this month, "California needs to bolster violence prevention initiatives so that they are commensurate with our state’s tough gun laws and as effective as violence prevention programs of other states." The state is already one of the most difficult states to own a legal firearm in and everything is restricted and logged, including sales of each and every bullet.

Naturally, the new gun tax has drawn ire and heavy criticism from those in gun-rights and hunting communities:

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action stated, "While the legislation lacks details of how the actual proposal will look, it expresses the intent to place an additional tax on handguns and semi-automatic firearms for distribution to various community-based intervention and prevention programs. Once again, lawmakers are saddling lawful gun owners with additional taxes and fees for the misdeeds of criminals.

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Wonderingly No. 93081 2018-12-22 : 16:04

Ah yes, the so-called Democrats (who are as treasonous as they come) not only want hundreds of thousands of barbarians in the streets but also to disarm the public. It does not get any more anti-American than this.

When are the McCarthy trials beginning? When is the military going to stop this madness? Why isn’t the topic about crime instead of a wall? How many Americans have to die before something is done about the captured Democratic Party and the Neocons who obstruct the ability to move forward? Why isn’t the cost of housing, feeding, educating and providing medical care to another nation’s citizens not a topic? Globalism is the Scam of the 21st Century, is the overthrow of the free world and elimination of the middle class across the globe. White people face being called supremists for wanting to live the life of an American. It’s just ridiculous.

Anonymous No. 93169 2018-12-23 : 21:37

I really don't mind California enacting such laws as long as Californians STAY in California and leave the rest of us alone.
If they have to move, just go to NY or NJ.

Not Important III No. 93631 2019-01-14 : 01:24

California's fake utopian idealistic treasonous, and unconstitutional anti-gun laws were born from pure racism, and continue to evolve as racist laws. The first Cali gun law was the waiting period, where a prospective buyer could be denied gun ownership. This was enacted during one of the many Mexican revolutions, when 1000s of Mexican refugees were pouring into "the golden state", so to keep guns out of the hands of people with brown or yellow skin, California enacted it's first gun law. NO LATINOS OR CHINESE! Then in the 1960s the Black Panthers demonstrated in Sacramento by basically perching on the steps with guns, and peacefully demonstrating. New gun law time, but now the "great society" programs were becoming law so no citizen could carry a loaded gun in public. In September 2018 I saw a sheriff's deputy shot in the back in a Pep Boys' parking lot in east Sacramento. I had just come out of the store and was not more than 2 yards from the deputy. My gun was empty and locked in the trunk of my car. I hope that law enforcement officer's family can take solace in the fact my ability to EASILY neutralize this armed miscreant, with my gun was thwarted by their idiotic laws. I am not a criminal. I suspected the murderer was armed when an employee handed me a sack filled a bunch of windshield wiper blades, told me to leave ASAP and the receipt was a not that read "PLEASE call 911 ASAP!". Oakland, and Mad Maxine Waters' east LA districts are two murder & gangland hotpots in the USA and no gun law is going to change that. Since Bill Clinton took his oath to be the president over 57,000 factories have closed down in the USA, and 20,000,000 jobs have been lost. Poverty is at the root of urban violence, the the accompanying high murder rates, not the availability of guns or the ability to buy guns. If the democrats have to resort to importing voters from South & Central America in the form of illegal aliens they are no better than the pro-slavery faction that did the same things in Missouri, Kansas and other newly adopted states, to get their pro-slavery status. Oh, and by the way, THEY WERE ALL DEMOCRATS TOO! Democrats just LOVE poor people and it's is still the EXACT same thing as slavery. One might argue that the slaves had it better than many poor blacks have it now. Having healthy workers was a necessity, but people who don't work, because they don't have too? There is no incentive in that. I am am neither pro-slavery nor am I racist. My family gave up huge land holdings and massive wealth in Kentucky, and moved up into the remote mountains of Colorado. They would rather give up their land and their property than fight for Pro Slavery Democrats in the Confederate States. There is still a town and a county named after my family in Kentucky. The Democratic party is just as destructively disgusting as they were back when every KKK member was a card carrying Democrat. They are no better now than when they were bombing churches, lynching blacks, burning crosses and terrorizing people. Now they have the law on their side (again).

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