By: Kyle James | 12-22-2018 | News
Photo credit: Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

Oregon - Naked Baby High On Meth Found In Woods With Fractured Skull

Some stories are almost too disturbing to believe, this is one of those stories.

A 13-month-old baby boy was found with no clothing abandoned in the woods of central Oregon. What's more, authorities discovered the baby had a broken leg, a fractured skull, and on top of that, the baby had methamphetamine in his system. Prosecutors outlined the discovery of the 13-month-old boy and released details about his condition Wednesday at a hearing in Deschutes County Circuit Court.

Brandon Blouin - Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

They also asked the judge to consider raising the bond for the 26-year-old father, Brandon Blouin. Blouin was indicted on charges of abandonment of a child, custodial interference, child neglect, and endangering the welfare of a minor.

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It was a Deschutes County detective who first found the naked baby boy who had apparently been alone in the woods for hours near Bend, Oregon. The boy's name is Bradley Michael Thomas and was taken from his legal guardian in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

The boy's 18-year-old mother and Blouin took the boy and drove to Oregon where they lived out of a vehicle in the forest just outside of Bend. The mother had apparently been accompanying the child but had walked away at some point. Blouin then began looking for her and left baby Bradley alone in the forest during his search.

The Sheriff's office used every tool at their disposal to search for the missing boy including officers on horseback, drones, and helicopters with FLIR thermal imaging. It wasn't until around noon that a detective who was a part of the search was able to find Bradley nearly a mile away from the vehicle where the family was living.

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Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

Baby Bradley was immediately taken to a local hospital wrapped in a sheriff's jacket. The prosecutor's plea affected the judge and he agreed to increase Blouin's bond to $500,000. Blouin's trial is set to take place in April.

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Wonderly No. 93083 2018-12-22 : 16:10

Stop the drug flow from Mexico with a wall! Gee, what a great idea. Unless of course, the govt prefers their young people drugged into insanity, which appears to be the case. Meth is a demon drug, destroys personalities, turns one into a psychotic with a racing heart and mad thoughts. Opium wars had the same outcome. Disabled China’s army in under 1 week. I call the war on drugs a war on the young people.

Rattyrat No. 93155 2018-12-23 : 18:39

We are a product of our environment. Some people are not strong enough in their minds to fight the good fight, hence they fall for the tricks of the devil. Once that happens, it is passed onto the children and the generational curse begins. The choice is yours how you want to live. I personally choose to live well, and to pass that quality off to anybody who is able to receive it. Hopefully this child will end up in the presence of something good. As for the parents? Get a rope

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