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Hollywood And Politicians' Hypocrisy Related To Ed Buck Vs. Jussie Smollett

It's ironic, perhaps convenient even for certain parties, how as soon as the Jussie Smollett story broke the Ed Buck case disappeared from the radar of most of mainstream media. Not exactly sure how to account for that, perhaps it's just that our MSM has only so much concern for gay black men and Jussie is soaking up the spotlight for now leaving no room. It's also quite possibly related to Buck's numerous donations to politicians at the local, state and federal level as well as PAC's.

To Get Away With Murder In LA: Another Dead Man In Ed Buck's House

It's interesting to note the difference between the mention of Jussie Smollett compared with the reverberating silence from certain politicians who were closely connected to Buck. It's as if with Jussie Smollett in the news, all these folks who had been on the payroll for years could prove that it wasn't so much that they ignore crimes against gay black men.

The Boy Who Cried MAGA: Doing The Math On The Alleged Jussie Smollett Hate Crime

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti claimed to have returned $1,400 he received from Buck a month after Moore's death. LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey claims to have returned money in February of 2018. California state Senate leader Kevin De Leon's staff says "most" of the $18,700 De Leon donated funneled into charities in January of 2018. Congressman Ted Lieu, who took $19,400 from Buck, supposedly also donated the money received to charities.

Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, sent $2,700 to the Trevor Project. West Hollywood Mayor John Duran received $12,500 and "without offering specifics" claimed that "most" of the money was spent but that some was donated to charity.

“Every candidate and politician sort of has to find their own way,” said California State University Northridge Professor Lawrence Becker.

Becker points out that Buck has not been proven to have broken any laws and there is nothing technically illegal about receiving donations from him.

“In a case where it’s a legal donation – and it just kind of looks bad or seems unethical or something – no, there’s no roadmap, but the best roadmap I would say is good judgment. It starts to become a lot murkier the further back in time you go,” he said.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee initially made a statement that they were "deeply disturbed" by the allegations and would return their donations, but have recently refused comment to the Washington Examiner if they have done so.

Timothy Dean, the latest dead man to be wheeled out of Buck's home, was not the typical sort Buck generally picked up. His family and roommate say he did not use any drugs apart from an occasional beer or two. Meanwhile, photos of Buck's love den/drug dungeon are circulating that clearly show drugs and paraphernalia strewn about. When Gemmel Moore died, evidence of drug use was ruled inadmissible due to illegal search and seizure, but it's obvious that Buck was involved in drugs and multiple men who have come forward to Jasmyne Cannick mention being initially drugged via Gatorade they were offered. The intoxication they describe is consistent with GHB use. GHB, as we mentioned in previous coverage, is incredibly hard to pinpoint as a cause of death because some GHB is found in the human body naturally.

Ed Buck Funded Councilmembers Mostly Silent About Potential Homicides Of Democratic Mega-Donor

If you do an advanced search (from:@username) with the words Ed Buck and Jussie Smollett you'll see that @KamalaHarris, @speakerpelosi, @CoryBooker, @ryanjamaal
@zendaya, @cher, @ciara, @joebiden, @alyssa_milano, @juliancastro, @llcoolj, @aoc, and other politicians and celebrities jumped on the Jussie bandwagon, but are notoriously silent about Ed Buck.

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