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After G20, George Soros Financing Nationwide Protests July 15th

The infamous global criminal perpetrator who profits off market speculation after subverting sovereign governments is planning new National protests on July 15th.

Most of the world watched as buildings were destroyed and cars were torched as police tried to repel the violent anarchy during the G20 protests in Hamburg.

Although many probably assumed already that George Soros was behind the absolute chaos, The Goldwater can now confirm this to be 100% factual.

The Refuse Fascism Facebook page proclaimed Thursday to have a massive presence “right now in Hamburg, Germany G20 Summit where Trump is speaking,” and pointed out one of its banners among the thousands of protesters.

The group also made similar claims on Twitter, celebrating the presence of “a German Refuse Fascism contingent” at the “massive protests.”

The Soros funded outfit of anti-capitalist insurgency known as Refuse Fascism is now claiming to have been responsible for what they call a “German Contingent” at the widespread G20 riots that were witnessed on social media streams in over 190 nations.

Fires burning police vehicles, civilian cars, smashing the windows of businesses, tossing bottles and molotov cocktails at law enforcement, and the occasional pummeling of trash cans (we still are amused that the radicalized marxists enjoy punching their own homes) were a common occurrence during the meeting of the world's most prominent and powerful leaders at the G20.

Let's backtrack a bit however and discuss the group ‘Refuse Fascism’, in which their own tactics actually mirror that of a typical Fascist regime.

In 2016 the now historic Berkeley Riots will never be forgotten as an attempt by globalist funded marxist organizations to silence free speech.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the often controversial right leaning self proclaimed “Dangerous Faggot”, was set to speak at an event on the campus of the University of California Berkeley, which caused major turmoil.

The leftist groups on campus, a la Refuse Fascism, demanded that he be shut down in an attempt to silence free speech. What was supposed to be a protest turned into a bloodbath of violent chaos as police watched massive damage spread across the University's grounds both to individuals and to property.

The group organizing the counter to Free Speech, Refuse Fascism was then blamed by pundits and advocates of the Constitution on the right. After research into their finances however, it turns out that their largest sponsor is The Alliance for Global Justice, based in Tucson.

The Alliance for Global Justice was actually given $50,000 for the protest from the one and only George Soros. Somehow however Soros still hasn't faced any local, state, or federal charges for this obvious terrorism financing.

Ironically, Refuse Fascism also being in Hamburg for the G20 directly implicates Soros again through another one of his funded organizations known as “Tides Foundation”, as the financing still traces back to his pockets. Every. Single. Time.

There were a reported 8,000 left wing militants protesting in Hamburg, violently. It's actually not even fitting to call them protesters at this point, they're Anarcho-Communist paid fighters.

The marxist demon George Soros doesn't plan to stop at Hamburg though, with reported Nationwide Protests to President Trump being held again on July 15th, according to the group’s social media posts.

The description for their national day of protest, on the Refuse Fascism website states, “July 15th must be a day when every person, every group, religious, community, service, political organization; all who feel the tremendous threat to humanity posed by the Trump/Pence regime, stand together showing the world that people here are determined that this regime must go. NOt in two years or four, but NOW.”

They go on with their propaganda writing, “July 15th must mark a leap to more sustained struggle, inspiring people to see the possibility of ousting this regime through unleashing the tremendous power of the people. Aiming for the time when millions can be moved to fill the streets of cities and towns day after day and night after night, declaring this whole regime illegitimate. Demanding, and not stopping , until the Trump/Pence Regime is driven from power.”

In essence the group is basically encouraging the subversion of American Democracy by inducing terror to accomplish their never ending attempts to remove a democratically elected President of the United States of America from power.

What's more disturbing is George Soros hasn't been arrested and hanged publicly yet for this continued violation of American law. He's essentially an enemy combatant to the United States of America.

Now we watch as July 15th steadily approaches, to witness what kind of tyrannical Anarcho-Communist action we will see next from the global criminals.


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Anonymous No. 4888 2017-07-09 : 01:13

George Soros is the single most dangerous Jewish Evil on this earth

Followed by the Rothschilds

Anonymous No. 4893 2017-07-09 : 02:17

kind of hard to trust when the sources are yourself, then 2 archives anyone can use, plus it's easy to get people email addresses, etc. got any REAL info?

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