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Great White Shark On The Beach Prompts Criminal Investigation

Something must have been off when necropsy results came in for a dead Great White shark found on the beach in Aptos. Dead sea life washing ashore isn't that unusual but when it is a great white shark it warrants a closer look due to how rare the occurrence is. Seeing them in the water, however, is an entirely different matter and quite common according to fishermen Dan Phillips. Phillips spotted one Wednesday in the ocean waters.

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"I saw the fin of a great white. It was probably about 16 to 18 inches tall," Phillips said. Sunday morning, one of the terrifying but incredible oceanic predators washed ashore. Visitors snapped photos of the 9-foot-long beast on Beer Can Beach in Aptos. The shark's corpse was covered in gashes and cuts but there no other visible signs of trauma, witnesses say. The Department of Fish and Wildlife conducted a necropsy on the corpse but is not releasing the results.

They did, however, open a criminal investigation into the shark's death after receiving the necropsy results but the department did not indicate why. Director of the Pacific Shark Research Center at Moss Landing Marine Lab David Ebert said, "That leaves me to think they found something in the necropsy that suggests more criminal intent than an accidental catch. By protected species, you're not able to go out there and catch them, whether it's recreational or commercially. People can't go out and target them."

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The bizarre criminal investigation implies a person killed the great white but how is a mystery. Fish and Wildlife officials cited the case as an open investigation and refused to comment further.

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