By: Savannah Smith | 06-25-2018 | News
Photo credit: Alice Jensen

Texas – Quite The Catch As Beachgoers Haul Grinning San Luis Pass Shark (Video)

Something disrupted an otherwise calm and peaceful day at the San Luis Pass in Galveston, Texas this weekend, but thankfully there was no attack on either side and things had a happy ending when a huge shark was spotted at the beach.

A spectator amazingly caught the shark episode on video. Witness Alice Jensen was just out cruising the beach with her husband and friend when they saw guys seemingly arguing and hauling something big out of the water. Their great catch turned out to be a shark.

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Jensen said one of the guys told his friend, “’it’s a shark!” as if admonishing him to return the catch back to the waters. But the other guy first got the shark to shore. That’s when Jensen captured the shark showing its famous toothy grin.

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Thankfully, after that wonderful moment Jensen’s quick eyes and hands captured the image on her camera, no harm was done to the shark. The fisherman let the animal go, and it swam away back to its freedom in the waters.

Jensen shared: “It just took off on its own.”

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Despite what she saw, Jensen remains unafraid of the beach and would always be happy to go back with family and friends, including with her granddaughter Jenna- sharks or no sharks.

Jensen said: “I know people have been saying sharks this, sharks that, but you can’t be afraid of the water.”

Jensen’s young granddaughter shares her spirit and enthusiasm for the beach and is not also afraid to keep going back either.

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tab No. 29715 2018-06-25 : 12:43

poor shark must have been in great pain with that hook in him… at least they let it go…

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