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Australia - Triple "Horror" Murder Victims Revealed

Three people who were confirmed slain Sunday have been identified as a mother and her two children. A friend of the victims described their deaths as "terrible" and shed some light on the family's tragic past. Michelle Petersen, 48, and her daughter Bella, 15, and son, Rua, 8, were killed in their home on Crixton Crescent in Ellenbrook. A family friend said Petersen is a mother of five children, one of whom was arrested for the murders.

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Teancum Vernon Petersen-Crofts, 19, has been identified as the male taken into custody Sunday morning. Teancum is the son of Michelle Petersen and the brother of the other two victims. The 19-year-old has been charged with all three of their murders and appeared before Midland Magistrates Court on Monday. Following the court appearance, Teancum was sent to a psychiatric facility. Statements Assistant Commissioner Paul Steel Sunday morning described the crime scene as "potentially the most horrific crime scene he has ever been called to."

Toni Ata, a friend of the family, shared a video on social media after the news broke of the murders. "I just found out the most devastating news that my friend and her two babies were killed last night … And I’m so, so devastated," she said. Ata described being told of the murders through one of Petersen's surviving children who text her "asking for a friend's number". Ata added, "I sent it back with a message saying 'hey gorgeous, here’s the number, hope you're well'. To which she replied: 'Not really Aunty. Mum & Rua & Bella were killed this morning'."

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"Chills ran through me and the tears came and came and came and came," Ata continued. "I sit here grieving for the whole family … it’s just terrible … such a tragedy." Officers described the scene of the crime as "horrific" and said upon opening the door saw Rua and Petersen dead inside while Bella was in the backyard clinging to life after sustaining critical injuries. Investigators were seen removing scissors from the home but a murder weapon has not been confirmed.

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Ozzy No. 31540 2018-07-17 : 19:30

Hows that gun control working down there?

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Hows that gun control working down there?

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Hows that gun control working down there?

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