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Facebook’s Secret Ranks for Users Exposed in Invasive User Score Scandal

A shocking, newly exposed Facebook “ranking” system, designed as a “User Score” of those who utilize the social media titan in order to determine whether each person is either “good” or “bad” without their knowledge is quickly becoming the scandal of the century, already receiving enormous criticisms for the privacy concerns and potential data-mining process that could be viewed as similar to a Communist China control-scheme.

The Facebook company has seen its fair share of criticisms in recent years for both its invasive tactics and<a href=""> election interference accusations against CEO Mark Zuckerberg</a> which some have suggested as being treasonous to the United States of America, even<a href=""> refusing a UK Parliament request</a> for his appearance which results in the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) opening a probe into Facebook’s behavior, but the stunning revelations circling around the strategic and top-secret rankings of its users may be the biggest of all attacks on the company's credibility in its history.

Each social media user on Facebook is secretly “ranked,” to determine whether or not that person is considered “trustworthy” in the eyes of Facebook’s development team and engineers, using a scale of zero to ten as a “score” that further analyzes your behaviors taken on their platform.

The method has not been formally announced to the public until first appeared in a groundbreaking report, and millions of tech analysts, hackers, and cybersecurity experts find that desire to keep this tactic silent from the general public as a major concern, especially considering that Facebook already admitted they were using a similar style to rank “news” media outlets on their platform earlier this year.

The rankings systems for “news” media were a response to the liberal critique of Facebook after President Trump won the 2016 elections, where the left simply couldn't, and in many cases still cannot accept the desire of the American people to support the Trump campaign's agenda, and the overwhelming amount of distrust for the Democratic Party alongside Hillary Clinton.

Facebook’s “news” media rankings also quickly became controversial, after countless Conservative journalists and independent media outlets began to notice ongoing censorship efforts for their articles, videos, and links; including ourselves facing similar censorship campaigns against our pro-Trump journalism often shared from<a href=""> The Goldwater</a>, with an obvious effort to silence media which supports the fight against the ideals of globalist policies in order to support the President.

With this known political bias existing, and in recent months having seen numerous other platforms additionally forthcoming in such a bias, from first denying to now openly admitting to such a left-leaning bias is not only real but prevalent today, Facebook’s secretive rankings for their users is one that could be a major crack in the hull of it's slowly sinking ship of a social media platform.

This has sparked a response directly from Facebook, who seems to be taking the infamous “nothing to see here, move along” tactic of proclaiming that this measure isn't designed towards signaling a means of censoring those who Facebook views as being <i>”untrustworthy”</i> in their user history on the platform, but instead Tessa Lyons of Facebook’s Fight Against Fake News program argues that this is a matter of security.

"For example, if someone previously gave us feedback that an article was false and the article was confirmed false by a fact-checker, then we might weight that person’s future false news feedback more than someone who indiscriminately provides false news feedback on lots of articles, including ones that end up being rated as true.

Well, that's not accurate, Tessa Lyons, and I can prove that it's biased in the efforts to silence the truth.

I can confirm from my own online usage via Facebook that there are indeed a number of methods Facebook is using to censor the posting from specific accounts, and I've personally noticed this bias occurring on pro-Trump Facebook “Groups,” many of which are either open to the general public to join, but some of the tactics are also used in even the “Closed” groups which require approval to join, or the “Secret” groups which do not show up in search results.

As an example, when we first publish a news article here on The Goldwater, I visit groups designed to focus on whatever the topic of the story may be, and based on that relevance, I share most, if not all of our articles every day, throughout the day.

Recently, I encountered an issue when I was spreading a few stories in early July, where the Facebook “support team” sent a message stating that I was “restricted from posting in groups,” after posting two individual articles.

The first of the two articles I posted to Facebook was in regards to the arrest of 22-year-old Joel Davis<a href=""> A campaign worker for the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 who was recently arrested for child sexual abuse</a>.

Facebook attempted to label this story as somehow being “spam,” which it clearly wasn't, but they didn't think twice about censoring negative news about the left, especially this important and horrific story, that involved innocent children as young as two-years-old having been subjected to the perverse pedophilia-normalizing mentality of the Democratic Party’s future generation of leadership.

<img src="" style="max-height:640bpx;max-width:360px;">

Unsurprisingly enough, this article was removed by Facebook shortly after being posted, which began to peak my suspicions about the censorship occurring on the Facebook social media platform having a bias which attempts to discredit any news that doesn't reflect positively on the Democratic Party.

The second of the articles I would encounter similar censorship with, was a breaking news story about the<a href=""> Department of Justice arresting 2,300 child sexual predators in Operation Broken Heart</a>, a major story which we broke at The Goldwater prior to any of the mainstream media outlets covering the case, despite the DOJ, a federal government institution, having issued a<a href=""> formal press release</a> on the single largest apprehension of pedophiles in American history.

I viewed Facebook’s policy of “Community Standards,” and I couldn't find any violations of any of the rules and regulations listed by the company in my content, despite researching every detail of those supposed standards.

<img src="" style="max-height:640bpx;max-width:360px;">

What I'm telling you is that it certainly appeared as if Facebook had taken some form of notice on our nonstop reporting of the pedophile arrests in countless news articles on The Goldwater which are shared from my personal accounts on their platform, and decided to intervene and censor this content from reaching the masses.

I could no longer comment, post, or even use the ability to “like” someone's posts or comments inside any of these groups.

Soon after noticing this was occurring in each of the popular “Groups” I use on Facebook, all of them being in favor of the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, I realized that I would be forced to contact Facebook in order to complain of the apparent block on group posting used against me and The Goldwater to silence the news we wrote about.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

At almost the exact time I opened my “Support Inbox” to try and contact their staff, I then began to receive additional messages from Facebook saying that they were removing other posts I had made, some being days, or even weeks older, under the guise of “spam,” which I was then forced to reply individually to each of those messages and tell them this was content that did not violate their rules, a time-consuming process, which in some cases would likely cause many users to simply allow Facebook to keep the content removed from their platform because if you do not take the time to manually respond to each of those messages, the post has forever vanished from the eyes of anyone else on Facebook.

Yes, Facebook was engaging in the removal of several historic posts made from my account. This is my account, of which I follow their rules, respectfully, and have no desire to do anything outside of converse with the world and share thoughts related to my vales.

What exactly is the endgame, you may ask, from the perspective of Facebook here? <i>It's as if Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg feel as if they can rewrite history to assert their control over what their billion-plus users see.</i> We can't be certain, but we can suggest that the official responses from Facebook are far from accurate, at best.

So now that previous articles I've posted to Facebook were being removed from the platform, it felt as if the Facebook company had decided that all of our exclusive content wasn't in the interest of their narrative, which, of course, is a liberal bias.

In doing this, they had removed both the old posts and began to prevent my account from sharing them in the future, despite most of those posts being extremely successful with sometimes tens of thousands of interactions, via either Facebook comments or their trademark “likes” impressed on each of the individual posts.

I use Facebook primarily in their ability to reach the general public, with the majority of the posts have been either content in relation to news about the Trump Administration, which I share to the Pro-Trump communities of several million people on their platform, or in a very similar fashion as the first story, I will share posts with articles written about the recent arrests of pedophiles from around the country, both of which are always critically acclaimed by the users of Facebook who very much so enjoy the content I share, and The Goldwater in general.

I immediately pondered the idea that we were being targeted in some form of devious censorship, although I admit, I was a bit skeptical of this type of censorship existing at all, despite having heard similar claims from other pundits online.

With the blacklisting having the potential to be focused on The Goldwater as a whole, versus my specific account, I began to test further my concept of what was happening via utilizing a friend's personal account to post.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

To my dismay, this would only lead to me finding that I was correct in my assertions, and most posts from The Goldwater were also quickly being removed from that account, with Facebook sending similar claims of “spam” to my “Support Inbox” on the platform, despite the authentic nature of the news which I had shared.

This was tried again via a third and fourth account belonging to friends, who had similar experiences.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

I decided to contact Facebook, sending a message through the “Support Inbox” stating that they were marking my content as “spam” incorrectly, because this content was not spam but indeed recent and relevant news, and I would also inform them that I couldn't post in any of the Facebook “Groups” which is where I primarily post our content.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

Disturbing. What had Facebook done?

I received a reply from Facebook, and the ban was lifted nearly immediately. I assume they viewed some of my profiles to determine that I was an investigative journalist, and they may have just opened a can of worms if we were to decide to write about this, which I now wish I had done so at the time.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

Again, I didn't realize what exactly was unfolding outside of, in my opinion, a censorship campaign to attempt to prevent the general public from both hearing positive news about President Trump, and silence the ongoing pedophile scandal known often dubbed as “PedoGate” from the eyes and ears of the masses.

Every Trump Supporter already expects bias, censorship on social media, and an effort to shut down anything that could be deemed as wrongthink against their liberal-backed goal of globalist propaganda, which could offend the crybaby mindset of the left wing working in the<a href=""> “Big Tech” </a>industry, or really most all of Silicon Valley’s internet related services.

With the newly exposed Facebook scandal of user rankings becoming an issue today, we're unable to see how the company views our accounts, nor what their system of rankings actually views us as being able, or unable to do on their platform, outside of noticing the censorship.

To compare and contrast, we would have to create a handful of accounts, joining liberal groups, and conservative groups, and then showcase which of those two sides of the coin would then be most likely to be censored based upon their ideological perspective.

Facebook has a “Terms of Service” policy similar to most social media websites which now no longer allowing for the creation of multiple accounts per person, and its safe to say our readers, outside of the occasion online “troll” are heavily Conservative and pro-Trump, or I would ask the public to show us their experiences with this system and how it reflects upon ideological perspectives in terms of who is or is not facing similar censorship against their accounts.

Facebook has made some public announcements in regards to its own<a href=""> “Community Standards,”</a> of which really don't provide a logical explanation for the censorship outside of potentially protecting the platform from future lawsuits against them.

“We decided to publish these internal guidelines for two reasons. First, the guidelines will help people understand where we draw the line on nuanced issues,” says VP of Global Product Management at Facebook, Monika Bickert.

“Second, providing these details makes it easier for everyone, including experts in different fields, to give us feedback so that we can improve the guidelines – and the decisions we make – over time,” she continued.

So essentially, there are some things not allowed on Facebook, which make sense to protect the user.

You can’t, for example, post any type of content that ‘claims that a victim of a violent tragedy is lying about being a victim’ of the tragedy, which would prevent anyone who has been labeled as a “Conspiracy Theorist,” sometimes deserving but typically unwarranted, from using the platform to suggest a shooting or event was scripted, despite the fact that I see those type of posts all the time on Facebook.

You are also prevented from posting ‘content about another private individual that reflects… degrading physical descriptions about or ranking individuals on physical appearance or personality’ to keep track of them. I assume you couldn't then suggest that a person is unattractive due to a disability or being overweight, which seems sensible, albeit you'd have to be shallow to do this in the first place.

That being said, in my situation, what violation did I make with my post? I'm sharing content about the pedophiles arrested to raise awareness among parents of children about the very real threat that pedophiles pose in our nation by subverting the school and education systems, or public service sectors, with the goal of positioning themselves around children so that they can engage in their real-life fantasy of pedophile child molestation, or child rape.

I feel that's a very noble cause to be fighting for, and reporting on, especially whilst the mainstream media outlets won't touch this.

It's worse if you consider that the Joel Davis story, the Clinton campaign worker arrested as a child molester, actually victimized multiple children with these types of horrendous sexual abuses and pedophilia that he engaged in. Where is the concern for protecting these children on behalf of Facebook? Should their stories not be told? Does Mark Zuckerberg support pedophilia, or does he believe we should fight against it?

Let's not forget that several<a href=""> child pornography rings have been shut down on Facebook</a>, so you'd think that they'd support stopping this atrocity?

Or, is this Facebook censorship not about protecting individuality at all, or the people of the world, respectively, but instead about silencing voices that have a pro-Trump or Conservative media lean to their approach of reporting, narrating art, or other forms of media?

It makes far more sense to me, and anyone who thinks about it, that these campaigns which are targeting those of us who support the Trump Administration and the traditional family values which we want to protect and strengthen than it is some flawed narrative being spewed by Facebook.

It's also interesting to note, that Mark Zuckerberg’s wife Priscilla Chan is alleged to have her own Communist Party of China ties, even<a href=""> giving Facebook employees the Communist Manifesto </a>propagandist literature in the past.

Why is that interesting?

It matters if you consider that this new ranking system being exposed as part of Facebook’s efforts to profile each of their users is very similar to how the Communist Party of China would rank their “citizens,” the people who live in their country, using the<a href=""> “Social Credit System” </a>that is unique to the control of red China’s governance.

I find that a bit strange, if not worthwhile into researching, that Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg have previously been proclaimed as treasonous to America and now are using a system very similar to that of China to profile Facebook’s billions of online users.

I realize the very real need to stop fraudulent news from being utilized by the public as a tool or weapon, and I've personally seen both sides of the political spectrum publish articles, not just in the independent media, but the mainstream media too, where they've run a headline which is completely fabricated or slightly misleading and it depicts a situation as being something that it isn't.

That's not the case with The Goldwater. We source every claim we make, we have accurate reporters and dedicated journalists working alongside our editors to bring both the latest in breaking news around the United States of America, Europe, Australia and even Asia, as well as focus on informative articles related to health, science, tech, and other pertinent topics of interest.

We specifically cover the topics which surround the White House, or are of interest to the political landscape in America, and more often than not we are the world's leader in the news surrounding pedophilia or child pornography arrests.

We are committed to providing you with this content not solely for your own personal informative desires, but because we tend to agree with the values of the Conservative approach to life in 2018’s heavily biased climate, and stand in solidarity with President Trump in our own values.

I can't speak for the other outlets affected by this censorship on Facebook, nor can I speak per individuals who have also been silenced without examining what it is they're sharing first, nor would I try, but I can say that there is a very real effort to silence the truth in news today via censorship campaigns and algorithmic bias that tend to focus on those of us who support the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, and it's still happening now.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices. Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen. They are closing down the opinions of many people on the RIGHT, while at the same time doing nothing to others…….</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href="">August 18, 2018</a></blockquote>

<script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

So much is it occurring that President Trump himself has spoken against the attack on free speech we're experiencing today?

“Not knowing how [Facebook is] judging us is what makes us uncomfortable,” said Claire Wardle, Director of First Draft, a Research Lab from the Harvard Kennedy School. “But the irony is that they can’t tell us how they are judging us — because if they do, the algorithms that they built will be gamed.”

First Draft is a company that has a fact-checking partnership with the Facebook platform, and also analyzes the effect of alleged misinformation to the public, and what it can do to distort opinions.

You can't deny that we should be honest in media, and I prefer if all news were true at all times, but how can Facebook be the determining factor in such honesty when transparency is something they lack in terms of not telling the public about this new ranking system?

One of the top Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee (an oxymoron in itself), Senator Mark Warner, and his partner in crime Senator Amy Klobuchar are now both seeking co-sponsors on their proposed legislation that would require Facebook, Google and other digital platforms to disclose more information about political advertisements and the buyers behind them to the government.

That's right free speech, another giant ”Fuck You” from the big government and big brother pushing left-wing Democrats, who now want to control the tech sector with legislation, since they already own the companies.

The new legislation will try and require privately owned web platforms with more than one million users to publicly disclose the names of both the individuals and organizations intend to spend more than $10,000 on advertisements that could be considered political in nature.

Funny, because every advertisement on television, every television series, every television show, and those on the internet as well; all have left-wing propaganda intertwined with them.

Daytime and Nighttime talk shows, “comedy” shows, news, movies, horror series, all of it; they all bash President Trump and push cultural Marxist indoctrination daily.

Where's the investigation into that? Oh, right it's totally fine if the Democrats do it amirite?

I mean damn, the Democrats lost the election because Americans don't want to live in an American version of Communism intertwined with Socialism, yet here they are still with Republicans in control pushing for more of their totalitarianism trying to make the United States of America the United Nanny State of America.

Just what hell is going on here?

Zuckerberg is insane, to begin with, and these Democrats have lost their damn minds.

Keep in mind, this is 2018. First and foremost everyone uses a VPN in the modern age who's at least somewhat concerned about their security.

I can be posting from Dallas, Texas and appear as if I'm in Russia, or China, or Iceland, or where the hell ever I want.

I can use Bitcoin or PayPal or just about any digital currency and make a purchase and appear as if I'm wherever I like as well.

You mean to tell me that if Russia bought advertisements from Facebook, one of the smartest and most brilliant nations in cyber warfare, they'd use Russian IP addresses and Russian banks and not appear as if they're some random American LLC, in order to appear as a legitimate American voter?

Wow. That makes absolutely no sense. Only the elderly in Congress who don't understand how the internet even works would believe something so stupid.

Then again most of Congress is beyond pathetic at this point on both sides of the aisle.

It's as if they think by repeating stupidity Americans will believe it? Seriously I think they view us as mentally deficient or something.

Let's talk about that too, because Zuckerberg and Facebook have over a billion users. Reddit and Twitter have less but still, hundreds of millions; and all of these platforms censor the right wing repeatedly, and allow free roaming death threats to even the President of the United States of America on a regular basis, and manipulate their algorithms to benefit the Democrats.

Where's the investigation into that?

If the legislation from these Democrats did become law, the tech companies and social media websites would also have to provide a hard copy of the advertisements bought that were political as well as disclose details about the targeted audience in which it was purchased for.

Basically, the government would then have access to the tech companies code and algorithms which are what determines the user's interests. That's overstepping moral boundaries as well as giving up your ability to remain competitive as a company.

Also included would be data on the number of people who view the advertisements, the time and date it was published to the platform, the amount of money charged for the ad, and the buyer's contact information.

This is as if the government wants to come into your homes again, like Hillary Clinton has said, "it takes a village to raise a child" levels of audacity.

These Democrats are seriously insane. I don't know how else to describe these people. How can they not respect a business's right to exist and it's privacy? Why would they not consider this at all?

Maybe they did. At this point, it could all be another grab at complete and utter control which is the underlying goal of the left in any situation. They can't seem to accept defeat though, because even after losing they're now virtue signaling their way into passing law and legislation they would have asked for if they were in control, to begin with.

The two Senators Klobuchar and Warner say that modern digital platforms merit further scrutiny because they reach a much larger audience than broadcasters and yet are not somehow subject to the same disclosure requirements.

Bye to the free and open internet.

Essentially, they want to shut it down. They always want to shut it down.

Making up fake foreign influences for added dramatic effects into their losses in an election instead of realizing why they lost and changing tactics.

Since they're so into investigating foreign government's alleged interferences into the 2016 election why don't they investigate the countries that we know interfered?

Yes, like Mexico. We know several million illegal alien criminals from Mexico voted, so was the Mexican government trying to influence our elections?

Certainly seems so to me. Let's investigate that one, Democrats. I'll be waiting.

One of the keynote issues at stake here is the belief that new algorithmic censorship, essentially computer predictions, are determining factors as to what is or is not allowed, and without having these algorithms independently analyzed to ensure their accuracy, there is no means of trusting the company to be truthful outside of taking them at their severely damaged integrity for the answers.

“One of the signals we use is how people interact with articles,” Lyons said in a follow-up email. “For example, if someone previously gave us feedback that an article was false and the article was confirmed false by a fact-checker, then we might weight that person’s future false-news feedback more than someone who indiscriminately provides false-news feedback on lots of articles, including ones that end up being rated as true.”

I do not trust Facebook, Twitter, Google, or almost any of the “Big Tech” companies.

Do you?

I think that most Americans share the sentiment of disdain.

We will patiently await a reply from Facebook regarding this unjustified censorship, and their newly announced methods of ranking Americans without their knowledge, that clearly defines the trust of the company given to its consumers, and those who have an interest in the shares of Facebook as a capitalist business with the goal of producing profit over the desire to be a controlled speech platform that promotes an agenda.

We deserve better.

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