By: Kyle James | 12-12-2018 | News
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Anti-White Bullies Cause 9-Year-Old Black Girl To Hang Herself

"Why you riding with white people? You're black, you're ugly. You should just die."

Those are the words that 9-year-old McKenzie Adams had to hear when she should have been out riding a bike or playing with real friends. Instead, she was bullied by other classmates at her school over her friendship with a white family. This blows a hole in the myth that the only white people can be racist, especially when it comes to a black and white dynamic.

The experiences of McKenzie Adams is proof of a sad streak that runs both ways, but thankfully less and less. The racism toward whites is what caused Adams to feel so bad about herself that she took her own life, at nine-years-old.

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Adams was only a fourth-grader at the Alabama school where she attended. She also loved math and wanted to be a scientist one day. A group of classmates decided to target Adams and bully her because they didn't like that a white family friend drove her to school each day.

Adams' mother, Jasmine Adams, told local news WIAT-TV that race was a factor in the bullying. "Some of the student bullies would say to her, 'Why you riding with white people? You're black, you're ugly. You should just die," the elder Adams told the news station. What a terrible thing for a mother to go through, her nine-year-old McKenzie had hung herself at home last week, and she was discovered by her grandmother first.

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Adams' aunt is a TV host in Atlanta named Eddwina Harris, and she said in an interview, "It's an emotional roller-coaster." The school in question was U.S. Jones Elementary School in Demopolis where Adams was transferred after her mother and grandmother complained to the state Board of Education that she was being bullied at her elementary school in Linden.

The bullies targeted poor little McKenzie wherever she went; it's just hard to understand that a 9-year-old brain could understand enough about the body and the world to know they could opt out by hanging and to actually consider and then carry it out is not comprehensible. Her mother told WIAT-TV that McKenzie had informed her teachers and her assistant principal several times about the bullying.

"She told me that this one particular child was writing her nasty notes in class. It was just things you wouldn't think a 9-year-old should know," McKenzie's mother recounted through tears. "And my baby to tell me some of the things they had said to her, I was like, 'Where are they learning this from?'"

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The elder surviving Adams says that she places the blame on the school administrators for allowing this to happen to her at school."I just felt that our trust was in them that they would do the right thing," she said. "And it feels like to me it wasn't it wasn't done."

City Schools' attorney Alex Brasswell said, "We are working fully with the Demopolis and Linden police department. They are doing a joint investigation of these allegations. We are cooperating fully, and I can't comment on any of the aspects of the investigation until they conclude it."

A funeral is scheduled for McKenzie at 11 a.m. Saturday at her school in Demopolis, Alabama.

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Anonymous No. 92607 2018-12-13 : 01:04

What a sad story and my heart go out to her family.

Woot No. 92614 2018-12-13 : 05:24

Sad indeed, but it just proves what we already know. Blacks are more racist than any other ethnicity.

Anonymous No. 92739 2018-12-15 : 20:26


Steve No. 93210 2018-12-25 : 00:26

What a terrible story. That poor child. Alabama has really gone downhill from 45 - 50 years ago. Are they blaming whites for slavery? The world used slaves for thousands of years. Although whites were slave owners, they normally did not take people from their tribes. This was mostly done by Muslims and partly done by opposing tribes. Slave markets still exist in some Muslim majority countries.

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