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Super Bowl Ad Featuring Medical Marijuana Success Stories Nixed By CBS

Baseball is supposedly the national pastime, but everybody knows that the Super Bowl is "the big game." It's not only the biggest sporting event of the year but also the number one place to get your ad shown. In fact, for the last couple of decades, Super Bowl commercials have become such a big deal, there are those who tune in for just the Halftime show and ads.

Super Bowl Ad Fail: Curious About Scientology?

The Super Bowl features highly trained NFL professionals, some of whom likely have violent felonies and drug abuse on their record, entertaining millions. Obviously, though, we want to make sure that we don't send the wrong moral message as we broadcast an athletic battle amongst teams that employ wife beaters and drug dealers. Now, in their defense, The Patriots are attempting to take a less lax stand against violence and drug abuse, it seems, but that's neither here nor there.

The point I'm getting at is how ironic it is that CBS would be fine with raking money hand over fist from an industry that has and does employ violent felons, drug users, abusers and in a few cases, even smugglers. They will not, however, allow an ad from Acreage Holdings that highlights the benefits of medical marijuana.

The short, 60-second ad dealt with three people whose quality of life had improved thanks to medicinal cannabis. CBS made it clear in an email that they "will not be accepting any ads for medical marijuana at this time.”

'Demonic' Prince Hologram Nixed At Superbowl Halftime

Apparently, it's part of the "broadcast standards" at CBS. Oh, my sides, did they just try to claim CBS (run for years by serial harasser Leslie Moonves) has "standards." That's a good one. Last I checked, Les Moonves, had a chance to step down and is still being paid for his part on CBS' Big Brother, despite having helped obstruct the investigation into his misconduct. Ah, but I'm off on another tangent again.

Despite thirty states and the District of Columbia allowing marijuana use in some manner, it is still technically classified as a Schedule I drug by the federal government. This even though the US government owns patents in medicines featuring synthetic THC. Like trying to understand how "standards" work at CBS, this is too much of a headache to try to parse any understanding from it.

Meanwhile, the Super Bowl has been home to many a controversial ad in the past. A recent ad for Dorito's that aired at the Super Bowl featured a baby's premature birth as the punch line.

The Church of Scientology has been criticized for its human rights abuses worldwide, but false imprisonment and slave labor aren't nearly as bad as using a plant with medical benefits in favor of whatever poisonous pharma concoction didn't work seeing as they've landed a spot each year since 2013.

By the way, I am aware of the irony that Scientology and I share similar opinions on the pharma industry. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

5 out of 7 Tennessee Governor Candidates Support Medicinal Marijuana

George Allen, president of Acreage, has a fairly positive take despite all that.

"We’re not particularly surprised that CBS and/or the NFL rejected the content,” Acreage president George Allen said. “And that is actually less a statement about them and more we think a statement about where we stand right now in this country.”


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tab No. 93691 2019-01-24 : 13:45

the evil jew pharmaceutical industry is being protected by evil media jews.

Looking for idiots to expose No. 93692 2019-01-24 : 14:56

What a retarded renark to make about Jews? It must think it's Hitler's reincarnate or a Demoncrat?. Fabulous article except the Super Bowl us football. You mentioned it as Baseball. Extremely informative.

Anonymous No. 93693 2019-01-24 : 15:05

As Trump is poised to executive order legalization of cannabis across the USA, liberals are taking a negative stance against cannabis. In Detroit, local news stations all of the sudden are broadcasting cannabis in negative light, lumping it in with the hoax of opioid “crisis” horseshit.

Anonymous No. 93694 2019-01-24 : 15:17

First line is: Baseball is supposedly the national pastime, but everybody knows that the Super Bowl is "the big game." I think that's meant to mean that despite Baseball being "America's national pastime" Super Bowl is a bigger tv event than the World Series. Could have been a bit more clearer though.

Anonymous No. 93695 2019-01-24 : 18:29

we all know the fake news media are part and parcel of the dnc communist mafia clan, paid off through perkins coie clinton cabal. the whole network of fake news, hollyweird, music industry, big pharma, ninth month abortion supporting baby murderers, corporate globalist communist and more, collection,collude together against we the people at every threshold and level possible. modern slavery and world dominance the goal, through lies and brainwashing an already dumbed down society that cant get passed skin color and identity politics to see any truth of their own demise at the hands of these satanic whoremongers. this is only one small battle, we best get focused on the war at hand.

Phil Stasi No. 93700 2019-01-25 : 14:51

My name is Phil Stasi. I am the one they have labeled the antichrist, but I am innocent. I have been persecuted, mind-controlled, and tortured by the governments of America and Israel.

The same people who have done this to me are part of a coalition that will launch World War 3 very soon. We all know this to be the Prophecy of the End Times. Search youtube for "Malhama" if you don't believe me.

This will be a nuclear war between America and Russia in which thousands of nuclear weapons will explode, ruining the face of the planet, thrusting us into an ice age of thick radioactive fog. Everything on the surface will die. Billions of people will die. And in the end, the US, Israel, and Nato forces will lose and be destroyed. Russia and the East will win. But we as a human species will be devastated.

We must do everything in our power to prevent this war! The entire US government is suspect. We must work towards peace and nuclear disarmament.

Please stop everything you are doing and help me spread the word. We have only one chance. Our complete focus from now to the day of the great war, must be devoted to warning others and moving to prevent this. If we all go to our deaths without lifting a finger to save ourselves, then why are we here in the first place?

It will not do simply to prepare for the End thinking one might escape to the south, for life under those conditions will be unbearable.

Kenneth Colakovic No. 93704 2019-01-26 : 00:27

In Amsterdam marijuana is legal and there is even a marijuana museum Sackler family owned Purdue Pharma that produces and advertise Oxycontin does not want competition in the goverment mandated pharmahomicidal poison industry

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