By: Phil | 06-14-2021 | Opinion, Studio
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WSJ and WaPo Advertorial Infotainment

Seen a lot of this very recently and its something that happens more than it should. Conflicts of interest in coverage and barely disguised advertisements posing as "news" in some of the most respected papers in the nation. Got to say, they're getting a little too obvious these days and more and more people aren't buying the bait.

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Anonymous No. 95628 2021-06-14 : 06:46

Advertorial Infotainment :

what The Goldwater doesn't have :

-Advertisers (nobody will waste advertising dollars here

-Editorial (the prostitute 'diana printz' proved how relevant 'editors' are

-Information (Philip doesn't even know it's pronounced "primmer')

-Entertainment (the entire 'staff' at The Goldwater (3 people) are the most bland, drrab, boring, uptight and crossdressers in the industry, and there's absolutely nothing entertaining about them whatsoever

Sister Sarah No. 95629 2021-06-14 : 06:48

Yet another perfect example of Phillips nasally irritating whining creepy little voice, and an even creepier little laugh.

Philip Fairbanks thought he had what it takes to be a voiceover actor...

Imagine somebody using his whining nasally voice for a film production...

Philip Fairbanks has a sister named Sarah with really nice tits.

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