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The Great Kratom Rant of 2021

In between a $13 million raid of kratom vendors, former FDA head and fentanyl lobbyist Dr. Scott Gottlieb blaming the opiate epidemic on kratom (while taking no credit for his part in creating and worsening it), multiple recent local news scare stories chock full of misinformation and a Mississippi bust of a grocery store selling the plant based medicine all surfacing in the past few weeks, it seems time to talk kratom again. The plant related to coffee has been a lifechanger for many, but threatens pharma profits in a similar manner as medical marijuana has and does. As a result, there's bound to be some blowback and in the past 4-6 weeks blowback is just what we've seen.

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Anonymous No. 95632 2021-06-14 : 21:00

Philip Fairbanks why did you refer to yourself as "Administrator"?

You're a nasally whining irritating voice is instantly recognizable. why don't you just use your name like normal?..

Calling KRATOM a "cousin of coffee" is incorrect. That is like calling an automobile "a cousin of my feet".

You're such a nerd. You actually think other people are interested in your same quirky, geeky, uncool interests...


rgold No. 95635 2021-06-15 : 15:06

K kratom and coffee are literally in the same family. Do your research before posting something.

Anonymous No. 95667 2021-07-12 : 03:01

Rgold dont waste your breath on that ignorant clown. Whoever it is is either a troll, delusional, ignorant or all three

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