By: Major Burdock | 10-16-2021 | 2020, Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Ron Watkins | Telegram

Media Freaks on Ron Watkins' Congressional Campaign - Why?

The typical culprits and payees of deep-state propaganda just knee-jerked (to the face). Their reaction to Ron Watkins announcing his run for Congressional District 1 in Arizona is obscene. Headlines abound with salacious insinuation and it seems MSN is the demarcation point for absurdity. We will get into more about Ron Watkins and his positions and policy later.

Considering his zeal and absolutist view on The United States Constitution, The Goldwater jubilantly endorses Ron Watkins representing Arizona's District 1 in Congress. The work he has already done (at great personal expense and risk of peril) for the people of Arizona speaks for itself. He is a beacon of integrity, common sense and inspiration.

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Az Conservative No. 95769 2021-10-18 : 00:02

Good for Ron and good read

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