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Palm Springs: ‘Racist Trees’ to be Cut Down

A row of trees separates a historically African-American neighborhood from a city-owned golf course in Palm Springs. Many old-time residents believed the trees were planted in the 1960s mainly for racist purposes. City officials are now looking- and vowing- to rectify the situation.

During an informal meeting with residents on Sunday, local officials led by Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon and council member J.R. Roberts promised the residents that they would remove as soon as possible the tamarisk trees and a chain link fence along the Crossley Tract property.

The trees separating the community from the golf course are considered as a lasting remnant of the history of segregation in the city. Residents have long complained that the invasive tamarisks blocking the views of the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course and San Jacinto mountains, are responsible for artificially depressing the property values, and more importantly, prevented black families from gaining wealth in their property over the recent five decades or so.

Roberts expressed apologies to the Crossley Tract residents for any “wrongdoing” the city may have caused them in the past. Moon also said they were only made aware of the problem recently. Both officials vowed to support and lead the necessary changes to ensure that future generations would not have to deal with what the present residents are contending with.

For the trees to be fully removed, however, would require the approval of the entire council. The project would have to go through bidding due to the significant city funds it would need. The soonest the trees could be torn down is within three months. The cost for such project is estimated to be roughly around $169,000.

Projects or costs amounting to anything beyond $20,000 would require the approval of the entire council. With a tight budget stretched thin as it is by rising security costs and hundreds of millions of unfunded pension liabilities and retiree health costs, city officials have to determine where the funds for the tree removal project will be allocated from.

Residents have other demands as well but Roberts wants to start with the trees as the first step and will proceed once the project is achieved.

Some of the downtown Palm Springs’ most lucrative real estate, especially the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians’ reservation hosting the convention center, casino, and hotels used to be home black and Latino residents running in thousands. The blacks and Latinos then were evicted. Their homes were bulldozed and burned when the city cleared the land for new development.

The Crossley Tract was founded by Palm Springs’ first African-American resident Lawrence Crossley in 1956. He first intended for the 20-acre tract to be a place where black families who worked in Palm Springs but were not allowed to live there could stay.


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Anonymous No. 14320 2017-12-20 : 00:37

Next will come the law suits over stray golf balls.

ItsOkayToBeWhite No. 14323 2017-12-20 : 01:12

I heard the trees are a lot more open minded in Africa, maybe they should all move there.

Lee No. 14328 2017-12-20 : 04:17

My word, what a bunch of freakin' idiots! Having trees to shield the neighborhood from a golf course would be considered an asset in most areas. But……

ReasonablePerson No. 14329 2017-12-20 : 04:27

Libs want to save the environment unless the environment is RACIST! Screw nature! I love this timeline.

OhFFS No. 14340 2017-12-20 : 06:16

Those trees block the houses (and people who live there) from getting pelted with stray golf balls! PC idiots are going to spend a bunch of money removing the trees, only to be sued for damages from golf balls, then have to pay millions more for a giant golfball-proof fence where nature had already supplied one. Does nobody have any common sense? The stupidity has no bounds.

JamesD No. 14351 2017-12-20 : 09:14

Liberalism is mental disorder.

Anonymous No. 14355 2017-12-20 : 10:51

Actually, the trees are there as a windbreak. When they are gone, it will be a costly disaster.

BrainDedLefty No. 14363 2017-12-20 : 12:18

Next you'll tell me bullet proof glass is racist…

JulianusRex No. 14365 2017-12-20 : 12:27

And just what are those other demands? For reparations?

MarketableMe No. 14367 2017-12-20 : 12:49

Yeah, it's dos trees' fault. Let's see, what else can we whine about and blame . . . .

James Johnson No. 14373 2017-12-20 : 14:09

Stupid FVCKERS parricide.

JR28 No. 14400 2017-12-21 : 01:39

File this under "You gotta be sh*ttin' me"

Trapow No. 14410 2017-12-21 : 04:39

Id imagine any neighborhood that pre-existed the course would be shielded by planting trees. Nobody wants to play golf in someones yard. So dumb.

denise dee No. 14646 2017-12-25 : 19:30

When are adults going to get back to acting like adults??? Removing the trees is INSANE, for the reasons others have specified, and the reasons of being "racist". Everyone calls everything "racist" lately. Needs to stop by someone, actually saying "NO", and giving the reason as "because it's ridiculous" . Hopefully it will start with this golf course NOT removing the functional and beautiful trees!!!

Richard No. 14333 2018-06-12 : 03:04

How wonderful ,, force poor black folks to watch rich white people flaunt their wealth. What a great liberal loony idea

DeForest Gump No. 95830 2021-11-25 : 16:26

Which tail is wagging which flea-ridden dog here?

Trees improve property values

They also improve mental well-being (clearly hasn’t worked in this case)

They also improve social cohesion

They also improve security - chop down trees, watch crime go up

Not to mention the environmental impact

This is pure ideologically insane idiocy

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