By: Philip | 11-25-2021 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Twitter | @robertskvarla

Media Matters "Disinfo Expert" Caught Spreading Disinfo Amidst Debunkers in Full Force

In between the Oliver Stone documentary release, an unnamed source "proving" Epstein killed himself, bluechecks screeching about how we should trust the CIA and that Iran Contra is a conspiracy theory on the same level of Area 51 it has been a pretty busy week for the professional "debunkers" and disinfo experts (disinfo artists?). One case in particular is especially interesting as some easily disproved info made up by Alex Kaplan of the Clinton-friendly Media Matters group spreads disinfo about a supposed disinfo campaign. Oh well, with the Steele Dossier in shambles I guess they have to do something to keep Russiagate hysteria relevant...

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