By: Phil | 11-21-2021 | PedoGate, Opinion
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Kenosha DA Hates Self Defense: Crystul Kizer Appeals Charges After Killing Her Trafficker

Well, it seems that the Kenosha District Attorney's office just hates the concept of self defense altogether. The Twitter account @AnOpenSecret, as in the documentary film about the pedophilia problem in Hollywood, posted about the case of Crystul Kizer, also from Kenosha. She was just 17 as well when she killed the pedophile and trafficker who the DA's office was aware had been raping young black girls in the area. She was found guilty despite the clear cut facts and the case is currently on appeal.

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Some people have tried to turn the Kyle Rittenhouse case into a racial issue. Both the Straits Times in Singapore and The Independent, one of the most widely read papers in the UK reported that Rittenhouse shot "three black men" despite the fact that it was actually three white men. Others have wondered "what if he was black." Well, in the case of Andrew Coffee IV, a black man who returned fire on police when his house was raided a rare win for self defense was returned. When it comes to the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms and the sanctity of self defense, race should not be an issue.

In the case of Crystul Kizer, what makes this so nefarious is the continued abuse she faced at the hands of her abuser. Abuse the likes most in the courthouse could not even dream of.

Thanks to the @AnOpenSecret, over 5 million people were informed of the Kizer case. Kizer shot her abuser, the serial child rapist known as Volar, then set his house on fire fleeing to Milwaukee in his vehicle. Volar was already under investigation for child sex trafficking. Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley has tried to argue that Kizer attacked Volar, not to save her own life and flee abuse, but for the purposes of theft. That's right, it wasn't the continued degradation and abuse, she just wanted a new car and killing a rapist was the best plan she could come up with to get one. At least according to the Kenosha D.A.'s office which has become a laughingstock in certain legal circles as of late.

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Graveley tried to offer a weak plea deal that would drop first-degree intentional homicide charge if Kizer would plead guilty to felony murder and bail jumping. Chrystul Kizer still faces possible life imprisonment. In a just world, her act of self defense should only be lauded and applauded. A petition to have all charges dropped has reached nearly 1.5 million in a short time, you can sign here. Here's hoping "the Rittenhouse defense" can be applied to this young lady who has literally made the world a safer place.

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