By: Philip | 11-23-2021 | Body Count, Opinion
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Malcolm X's Daughter Turns Up Dead After FBI Admits Tampering With Father's Murder Investigation

Now, I'm already called a conspiracy theorist by many folks but I'm more than willing to admit when I get into the realm of conjecture and supposition. I try not to do so in public forums or in print though unless something looks especially off. At times like these, even without compelling evidence to prove some sort of smoking gun, I don't mind going tin foil conspiracy theorist for a moment or two.

The timing of this just strikes me as odd. We've had a rash of "debunkers" trying to revive Russigate piggybacked on "hashtag trends" related to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and the #CIAkilledJFK hashtag. I guess during times of intense narrative control such as the Biden presidency and covid-era in general, the importance of the trend shapers (talking about the "disinformation experts" going around to debunk people like me) is much greater.

The timing is definitely suspect though. Malcolm X's daughter "found dead" in her apartment hours ago. Malikah Shabazz was one of Malcolm X's six daughters. She was 56, found unresponsive "and the death is not deemed suspicious, an NYPD spokesperson said." Oh, the same NYPD that helped shield Epstein and Weinstein for years or another NYPD.

This is happening less than a week since two men were exonerated for the supposed murder of Malcolm X when it was finally revealed that J. Edgar Hoover suppressed the knowledge that two key witnesses doubled as FBI informants. For those that are aware, things like Charles Manson being a patsy and possible CIA asset aren't as wild as one might believe. Just days ago some reporting in the New York Times appeared related to the blockbuster story from Gary Webb regarding the CIA's role in trafficking drugs and guns in the 1970s and 80s. Iran Contra isn't a conspiracy theory. MK-ULTRA isn't a conspiracy theory. Project Mockingbird or the Congress for Congressional Freedom or other attempts by the CIA to shape both culture and counterculture, aren't conspiracy theories. These are real events for which there is ample evidence that our own country's security apparatus has been turned against the people for some time, perhaps practically since the beginning.

I think it is more than likely that the JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X assassinations were sped along by members of FBI COINTELPRO or the similar CIA project CHAOS that best-selling author Tom O'Neill posits Charles Manson may have been tied in with. The NYPD and the media are quick to tell us the fact that these girls who just earlier this year were trying to prove government and law enforcement involvement with their father's murder was just "found dead" days after they were basically vindicated? Yeah, I'm not buying it because even if there was a buyer ready at a markup I just ccan't sell that kind of bull.

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