By: Courtney Tubbs | 12-22-2018 | Opinion
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NeoCon SCOTUS Justice Roberts’ Asylum Vote is Part of the Larger War on Whites

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has rejected President Trump's move to deny asylum to any and all illegal aliens who violate federal immigration laws when crossing into America. Under Trump's policy, only legal immigrants could apply for asylum.

President Trump has long since argued that if you cross into the United States of America illegally you're a criminal, and should remain ineligible.

In what appears to be a fit of rage, the media attacked the President the moment he announced his desired plan. From that moment forward it's been a tailspin of legal battles that eventually escalated to the United States Supreme Court.

Four Supreme Court Justices issued their approval for the Trump Administration’s plan, but the ultra-liberal left SCOTUS Justices stood firmly against the President.

Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh all supported the idea that law and order be made a standard that's enforced in America. Justices Ginsburg, Roberts, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan betrayed the American people yet again.

Many in the DC circuit feel that Chief Justice John Roberts, a known neoconservative, and Bush-appointed warmonger, was used by “globalists” as revenge on Trump's Syrian troop withdrawal.

Enough is Enough: Trump Ends War In Syria

We've seen the neoconservative media endlessly kvetch over the idea that American forces should be at home, in America, protecting our borders.

Roberts tends to back immigration policies, and his siding with Democrats would have normally been nonexistent in such a case. It's clear the interests John Roberts serve aren't that of the American people.

When the temporary restraining order a federal judge in San Francisco approved was first issued, President Trump was furious. The liberal courts and the desire to rule from the Bench have been a slap into the faces of the foundation of justice in what society is built on.

By blocking the controversial new policy, which shouldn't be controversial in the first place, it stopped the ability of immigration authorities to deny “migrants” who cross the border between recognized ports of entry the right to appeal for asylum.

“It’s a disgrace when every case gets filed in the Ninth Circuit,” Trump said at the time of the ruling. “That’s not law. Every case, no matter where it is? They file it in what’s called the Ninth Circuit. This was an Obama judge. I’ll tell you what, it's not going to happen like this anymore.”

“Everybody immediately runs to the 9th Circuit,” Trump said of the left-leaning courts. “And we have a big country. We have lots of other locations,” President Trump said. “But they immediately run to the 9th Circuit. Because they know that’s like, semi-automatic. You see judge shopping. What’s going on in the Ninth Circuit is a shame.”

Those words incited John Roberts to issue an attack on the President, which made media headlines for weeks after.

Credit: The New Yorker.

There was a time when Supreme Court Justices didn't publicly assault the President, but we've seen it happen in numerous cases since Donald Trump took office. Ginsburg, Roberts, and their staffers have made it clear that President Trump doesn't support the neoconservative wars in the Middle East. As a result, they're going to counter him at every turn.

All they need is one vote to flip, and with John Roberts they have it. Roberts claims to be a “Conservative” despite refusing to conserve America over the interests of illegal aliens.

America has millions of homeless, and nearly fifty thousand homeless veterans who've served with honor for this nation and now have nothing. Those Americans should come first.

I'm not suggesting that we must be heartless, to the contrary. If the United States of America can give a hand to someone whose life is legitimately in danger, in cases of political asylum, I'm okay with assisting those most in need. Surely there are a handful, maybe even a few hundred people a year that could be granted “Asylum.”

Right now, the total “immigrant” population is soaring and it's destroying our civilization.

We're flooding in potential taxpayers at such a high rate that there is little to no consideration of the additional baggage that accompanies them. It's all about the money that multinational corporations can potentially make off those people by granting them access to the country.

Those ultra elites, the oligarchy, doesn't care if these people peacefully assimilate. They're willing to diversify the culture of the current inhabitants even if it means bloodshed and crime, or the destruction of the heritage and arts we've built around us.

America cities are crumbling, houses are being boarded up, and yet the new inhabitants of the country are still trying to tear down statues that our ancestors built because they're offended by them. This is the reality of 2018.

After 8 years of misery, debt, bailouts, and social justice warriors screeching endlessly under Obama? We're to the point of breaking the scales in 2018. We go right, or we go left, almost certainly forever.

Under previous Regimes, the entire globe witnessed a shift in the promotion of homosexual degeneracy and transgender mental illness or other indoctrination efforts upon our children.

Professors in America's cultural Marxism dominated Universities train social justice warriors to become the foot soldiers of the next generation.

Those foot soldiers will rally around the liberal elite, promoting open borders and mass immigration into the country. That's where we currently sit heading into 2019. The battle lines have been drawn.

With the new SCOTUS shutdown of Trump's policy, we're going to see tens of thousands of illegals, possibly even via caravans.

Those caravans will begin to use the “asylum claims” as a weapon, a weapon that will furthermore bring about courts following the SCOTUS ruling and allowing the illegal aliens entry into the country. Once they're here, they'll be subjected to an investigation of their history on a case-by-case basis.

If they can be found, that is.

This is the logic behind Trump's ruling, knowing that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of those who come into the country under a false claim of desiring Asylum, work, or education are actually going to flee to a Sanctuary State. They come into America under false pretenses, engage in crime and other devious acts to advance themselves, and flee to larger Sanctuary States like California expecting a fresh start and welfare from the American taxpayers. It happens every day.

Then, when you try and stop the caravans by rooting out their origins and the globalist financiers behind the caravan? You're called a “racist,” a “bigot,” or even “anti-semitic.”

Let's discuss how the media has become the radical arm of Marxian Socialism indoctrination.

Credit: Vanity Fair.

You're antisemitic for noticing too much, apparently.

If you do notice and speak out, they'll go a step further and try and ruin your life, as we've seen with the co-host of The Daily Shoah, Alex McNabb.

Alex McNabb and people like myself have been targeted by the ridiculously vile JMedia for being “America First.” I received harassing phone calls, my social media accounts and accounts of family and friends were also harassed, and my privacy was intruded.

It's okay for there to be a civil rights group for all races of people except Whites, apparently.

Hispanics have the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the Chicano movement, and more extreme Latin Supremacy groups like La Raza.

Jewish Americans have the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and the Anti-Defamation League, among many other Jewish Supremacy groups such as Chabad-Lubavitch.

African Americans have the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and more radical terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter.

Whites so much as host an edgy comedy show, like Alex McNabb, and they've cost him his job as an EMT, which is where he saved lives.

I wrote about the fact that a Star of David was spotted on the migrant caravan, and was attacked by the failing “fact checker” Snopes.

Without consideration that I have a family, friends, or a church and community who knows me, Snopes wrote that I was both an “anti-semite” and a “White Nationalist.”

Credit: Snopes

They then proceeded to falsely proclaim I suggested that George Soros was funding the caravan. That's just not true.

The reference is to a previous caravan and socialist group known as Pablos Sin Fronteras, a story I wrote long before the Honduras caravan was ever in the news.

Soros-Funded Groups Backing Mexico Caravan of Socialists, Pueblos Sin Fronteras

Slander and libel are growing more common in America. It doesn't bother me though, as it shouldn't most of the right who are attacked for expressing truths.

That's not the only assault on pro-Whites that George Soros has engaged in, either.

George Soros Shut It Down for Tucker Carlson Advertiser Using MoveOn Dot Org Puppet

They're using tactics I call economic terrorism to help silence any and all dissent.

Simultaneous with economic terror, leaders in nations like South Africa openly promote the genocide of Whites in a fashion that alarms even the most uninformed of Whites.

South Africa - ‘Black Land First’ President to Whites: “We'll Kill Their Children…”

My views are pro-White because I'm White. That doesn't mean I'm the opposition to other races. However, again, being White and standing up for White interests is under assault in America.

I have no problem with other people, but their interests aren't my own. My concern is the advancement of my people in my country.

It's crucial that Americans, regardless of their color or identity, try and preserve that identity and culture. The real “resistance” is those resisting their genocide.

Credit: Brookings

Whites are already a world minority.

It's easy for anyone to see that when you preach the truth you're going to be attacked.

The notorious titan of tech Google intentionally used a false claim that “White Genocide” is some deranged “conspiracy theory,” when it's beyond reality.

Right now the so-called “far right” is growing stronger across the globe. It's mainly a band of Whites, from White countries in Europe and North America who are discouraged by forced migration and lack of assimilation.

They've watched across their homelands as crime soars as a result of the immigration policies of open borders globalists, which in turn affect everything else inside the nation.

When the French “yellow vests” rallied, the media labeled the movement on gas and petroleum prices. While that's partially true, they were intent on ignoring that if millions of immigrants not flooded France rising the demand for fuel over the supply, the price wouldn't be up in the first place.

That's not even considering the ridiculous taxes that the EU puts on their original inhabitants in order to serve the interests of supposed “minorities.”

Credit: Daily Mail

There is this giant continent of Africa that every piece of land on Earth could fit inside of without overlapping each other.

If those people can't thrive in their Homelands what can they offer to America?

The time is now to take this country from the grips of international Communists and restore it to a nation of prosperity. If not, then secession is not off the table. White migration and so-called "white flight" has occurred for decades.

Every time a successful city or township prospers, the bankers are quick to utilize city councils to flood it with savages.

It's almost as if there's a merchant whose profiting off the genocide of America.

This is why the elites are terrified because we're noticing things at a rate they've never expected possible.

It's why the Supreme Court ruled against Trump's Asylum ban because NeoCon puppet John Roberts obeys their every command.

It's also why they're trying to remove gun rights from Americans. They've already feared a French-style revolution occurring in America.

Credit: Black Democrat Wanting Strip American's Gun Rights Over Social Media Posts to GOP: “Kill Yourself”

Recently, a black New York Senator introduced a bill to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights based on social media posts from the last three years.

That same Senator, Kevin Parker, was also just caught telling a citizen to “Kill Yourself” on Twitter. Black Democrats wishing death on other races? Total shock! Not really.

Through indoctination, demographics, silencing us on social media, and disarming us? That's their only successful chance to win against our Godly resolve.

Classrooms and college campuses are breeding ground for Anti-White hatred, displayed time after time.

Who wants to enslave their children into debt only to become a wasted existence without morals?

Georgetown Professor’s Loxism Says White Men Should Be “Fed To Swine,” “Castrated”

They're manipulating elections, too. And bragging about it.

It's as of they seek pleasure from showing us they're untouchable.

NYT: Biased Democrat Operative Manipulated Alabama Senate Election via Botnet “False Flag”

The New York Times confessed that Democrats meddled in Alabama's election for the vacant seat left by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions as if to rub it in our collective faces.

They're bravely proclaiming that we have little rights, and tightening the noose around our necks as they get closer to pulling the lever at the gallows.

There is a war on Whites in America.

There is a war on White nations across the globe.

It's okay to be pro-White, and if you're not at this point, you're promoting your own genocide.

The next step for Whites in America is surrounding themselves with a legitimate foundation, whether that's a 501c3 nonprofit or another counter to the ADL, for Whites.

It's time for Whites to defend their own Civil Rights through a broader worldview of ideas, united in one solitary front.

That's the goal for 2019, and I'm hoping that most will follow those who are trying to see that this goal happens. President Trump is a President for all of America, but under his tenure the attack on Whites has only increased from where it was under previous Administrations. That's not Trump's fault, but we have to think about the collective interests of Whites with legitimate organizations and focusing on pro-White agendas.

Through determination anything is possible. Be proud of your heritage, culture, and ancersty. It's okay to be pro-White.

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BillyRayTed No. 93067 2018-12-22 : 06:43

Great article with lots of energy!! I can not express how furious I am about all this bullshit that has gone on for far too long and has gotten worse in just the last few years, this past year especially.

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John Roberts is a coward and traitor.

BushCo did 9/11.

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