By: Philip | 01-05-2022 | PedoGate, Science, Weird, Opinion

Philip Fairbanks Talks Epstein, Scientology, Stargate and Relgion on Skeptiko

I recorded an interview with Alex Tsakiris from Skeptiko last month. We talk about a lot of topics, including some pretty personal ones. If you're interested in occultist and rocket engineer Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Aleister Crowley, CIA and military remote viewing and the connection between cults like Scientology and child traffickers like Jeffrey Epstein to the security state, then this is definitely one to check out!

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Eva No. 95880 2022-01-06 : 17:45

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TheLurkerintheDark No. 95894 2022-01-17 : 00:59

Hello everyone, rememember when the Meme Magicians on 4chan worshipping KEK and chaos magic made their dark prophecy? I do. I was lurking in the Shadows.

TheLurkerintheDark No. 95895 2022-01-17 : 01:11

I'm here in the Cave to denounce those that like to you about the shadows upon the walls. I'm here to dispell the darkness and smoke you all out (LOL). Come with me down the rabithole on bitchute, I'm Enlightened Master. I'm going to help break all your chans and the neural linguistic programming that has been used to subvert you all to their will.

I'm going to share all my secrets.

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