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Hong Kong University Finally Moves to Get Rid of Tiananmen Square Massacre Monument

Here at the Goldwater we know the news doesn't take a break for the holidays and so we remain vigilant even at this "most wonderful time of the year." Sadly, the year is not so wonderful for citizens of Hong Kong. I've been reporting for over two years on the situation there as the so-called "one country, two systems" continues to erode as Hong Kong is subjected to the same authoritarianism as the mainland. From shutting down the Tiananmen Massacre museum, cancelling the vigil, arresting people for peaceful protest and more the situation has continued to grow more dire for the people of Hong Kong as the freedoms they once enjoy continue to fade away daily.

The Tiananmen Square Massacre was already shut down just before Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary. Hong Kong Police Force, whose brutality has only increased in the years since 2019's "Yellow Umbrella Protests" also blocked people from gathering in Victoria Park where, for years a candlelight vigil took place each year to commemorate the victims of the massacre. The slow and steady decline of liberty in Hong Kong shows just how quickly this kind of thing can happen and if you think it can't happen you're I fear you're dangerously deluded.

Another lesson to learn from Hong Kong. The "resistance movement" was infiltrated by agents provocateurs. In between police brutality, Triad complicity and agents provocateur within the group of protesters the movement turned from millions showing up peacefully in the street to months of property damage which the cops would do nothing about apart from blanketing the city in tear gas that would smoke every living resident and any animals unfortunate enough to be in the area. Like with the Alt-Right, Antifa and the likes of Black Hammer Organization, the Proud Boys or Atomwaffen and Order of 9 Angles, there are similarly suspicious "resistance organizations" that are creating the perfect pretext for military crackdown and heightened surveillance as we speak for the past few years.

It's not a coincidence, by the way, this is happening over Christmas. As I've pointed out in my reporting previously, high profile cases that may garner Western scrutiny are often disposed of during the week of Christmas. For instance the rash of crackdowns, raids and arrests of Christian preachers in 2019. The basic idea being that people are preoccupied with their holiday celebrations. The tactic is sadly quite effective.

More Western Corps do CCP Bidding for Tiananmen Square Massacre Weekend

We reported a couple times regarding the Pillar of Shame monument, dedicated to victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre that was on Hong Kong University property for decades now. The university was, for a time, being represented by a US law firm trying to get rid of it. Despite not being the owners of the monument, Hong Kong University has taken it upon themselves to destroy the statue.

This is just another sign of the erasure of history and any information unpopular with the Communist Party of China whose loyalists have choked the Hong Kong legislative council despite the overwhelming blowout of pro-democracy voters in the election a few years back after the protests began in 2019.

Hong Kong University Tries to Remove Tiananmen Square Massacre Monument

In addition to the Pillar of Shame monument at HKU, Chinese University of Hong Kong has removed the "Goddess of Democracy" statue from its campus. Lingnan University of Hong Kong has also removed a relief sculpture, they also painted over a mural of the Goddess of Democracy. In between this, hijinxs related to their supposed "electoral politics," People's Republic of China style censorship protocols strangling the long vital Hong Kong film industry, but all these are really symptomatic of a larger problem.

Apple Daily Marks End of Era in Hong Kong

I stand by the opinion that Hong Kong is a barometer for our possible future. From COINTELPRO style infiltration of the protest movement to turn it violent, increased social unrest, cracking down on speech and media. These kinds of things still happen in the US but if we don't take heed to the lessons of Hong Kong and keep her safe, we could be next on the chopping block.

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