By: Philip | 12-31-2021 | PedoGate, Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Ghislaine Maxwell Courtroom Sketch

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict Comes In Bringing 60 Year Sentence

Though civil trials for perjury and defamation still remain, Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced for her role in recruiting, grooming, abusing and trafficking young girls from the 90s on. It's a win for the victims, though many records were sealed which makes me fear we may be scapegoating Ghislaine alone in order to close the book on multiple networks such as that of Marc Dutroux, Peter Nygard, Lawrence King and, of course, Ghislaine Maxwell and her associate Jeffrey Epstein.

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anon No. 95878 2022-01-01 : 17:28

Will it really be her serving the time? We need some DNA checks.

ngfjh No. 95896 2022-01-17 : 07:55


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lkul No. 95898 2022-01-17 : 07:57

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