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On eve of Trump's presidency, Ford goes ahead with moving small car production to Mexico

American car maker Ford is underscoring the need for President-Elect Trump's plans by trying to quickly move a production site to Mexico despite the tariff threats that the Republican candidate had vowed to implement.

Ford will try to move production of its Ford Focus models to Mexico sooner than foreseen. Originally CEO Mark Fields of Ford has stipulated his plan to move production as from 2018, but under the new directive which this website was able to get a hold of, that plan would now be moved forward to the first half of 2017 as the American car maker's management realizes that tariffs will be put in place for any factory opened in Mexico later than that.

If implemented, this would almost certainly lead to job losses for US car workers in Michigan. Ford however reacted by stating that 'two very important products will be put back into Michigan plants'.

CEO Mark Fields explained that the reason for the move is because he sees car and light truck demand hitting a plateau in over the next five year period due to the economic uncertainty that the market faces. He was quoted in Fortune saying: "We expect the industry to be about the same as it was last year, probably a little lower on the retail side, and a continuing competitive pricing environment.

If this planned moving of US jobs to Mexico, which is what we understand from Ford's plan, proves to be correct, this website and it's reporter calls for a ban or even boycott of Ford in the US. The non-respect of the voters choice in these Presidential elections cannot go without effect anymore.This is exactly what President-Elect Trump said they were doing, and they continue doing it even in the first days after the election result. If this goes ahead without any reaction from the public, other American companies will move their production facilities as well before the tariffs are implemented.

I urge you to react to this article and share your disbelief with other readers. This is an outrage. Respect American car workers and call upon Ford to keep US jobs in the US.

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