By: Philip | 12-15-2021 | Weird, Opinion
Photo credit: Twitter | Rachel Dolezal @DialloNkechi

Race Hoaxer Rachel Dolezal Shills OnlyFans Account on Twitter

Just in time to commemorate Jussie Smollett being found guilty of perpetrating a race crime hoax, formerly famous racial hoaxer Rachel Dolezal is promoting her OnlyFans content on Twitter. To be fair, she launched the OnlyFans account:

I was feeling brave so I checked out the public posts. I'm really not willing to sink $6.99 into the pocket of Dolezal and OnlyFans even in the interest of more thorough reporting on the matter. Her most recent post was offering to sell her OnlyFans hat she shows off in the recent tweet. Autographed. At the top of the page though is her bio: "Welcome to my OnlyFans, where I interact with fans more than on any other platform & share an inside look into my life."

Just to save everyone some message time, here are the answers to the 3 most-asked questions from this week:
1. Do you sell custom pics? Yes, on Saturdays
2. Will you do explicit content? (no)
3. Will you rate my _ _ ck ? (no)

It is no secret that some people provide explicit content on their OnlyFans, and there are others who do not. This platform does not require or prohibit any set style of content, so every creator gets to customize what they want to share. I have always been clear on what type of content I’ll be posting. I hope that my posts inspire a hunger for learning and creating and encourage all my followers to be true to their own spirit. 💕🤗 #faq #faqs #content #answerstoyourquestions #thanksforyoursupport

She's Back: Rachel Dolezal Changes Name to Nkechi and Claims She is Trans-black

All jokes aside, OnlyFans can be fairly exploitative and the story of how Rachel Dolezal went from being a respected and widely known black activist to being outed as "transracial" to swearing should would never "apologize and grovel" to complaining about not being able to get a job, to selling "feet" and "squats" pics is a depressing trajectory to be sure.

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