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Texas GOP Rep: Mueller is Covering Up Uranium One

The American people have watched for nearly a year and a half of President Trump's first term in office as Special Counsel Robert Mueller's witch hunt has endlessly pursued propagandist lies against the Administration - without any evidence whatsoever - and now the GOP is fighting back - with Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) now stating what we all know - Mueller is covering up the crimes of Uranium One with these relentless attacks on Donald Trump.

In Texas, GOP Representative Louie Gohmert has had enough of the endless propaganda and has begun to speak out against globalist puppet<a href=""> Robert Mueller </a>.

“I think Mueller should be fired,” Gohmert said in a “Conversation with Conservatives” meeting on Wednesday afternoon. “He should never have been appointed and he should never have accepted. He should be fired.”

Gohmert also realizes that of President Trump were to make such a move, the left would try to impeach him.

“The only reason that he is not going and the president is not going to fire him and that I am not calling for him to be fired now is that of all the establishment Republicans that think they would have to come after Trump if he were fired,” said Gohmert.

“Anything beyond Russian collusion is things that could be investigated, should be investigated, by the current DOJ, the current FBI, and not a special counsel that is covering his own rear and his own problems that he created in allowing U.S. uranium to be sold,” Gohmert said, exposing the cover-up. “I knew the day that Robert Mueller was appointed that he was a problem.”

Representative Gohmert is absolutely correct, and even former FBI Agents are now speaking out saying that these Globalists not only<a href=""> covered up Hillary’s crimes </a>but interfered in our elections.

As the clock ticks away, and the world begins to understand what kind of corruption existed inside of the federal government under Barack Obama, and in some cases still exists, the anger towards the Democratic Party continues to rise.

The largest criminal conspiracy in American history includes something that sounds as if it came straight from a Hollywood thriller, with treason, betrayal, money laundering, illicit dealings, espionage, subversion, and outright evil corruption; and that scandal is known as “Uranium One,” where both an oppressive former regime led by a Communist named Barack Obama, and a despicable globalist family known as Bill and Hillary Clinton, both worked against the National Security of the United States of America to sell away the future of our nation to one of our enemies in return for millions of dollars to line their greedy pockets.

Now,<a href=""> under President Trump </a>, the Democratic Party who were responsible for the actual collusion with a foreign nation, have cried fouls to receive the appointment of a Special Counsel,<a href="">their globalist puppet </a>, Robert Mueller.

The witch hunt against the President's Administration has become a globalist-backed attack on America's most loyal Patriots, and as a result has dragged the name of innocent Patriots such as<a href=""> General Michael Flynn</a>, a hero who served our nation bravely for over three decades, through the mud.

General Michael Flynn is an American hero and a Patriot. He's a historic adversary for Globalism and a man who was unafraid to challenge the evil of the world, a man driven by his loyalty to the freedoms which make America the greatest nation on the planet Earth.

This is exactly why he was targeted for removal from the Trump Administration because he struck fear into the minds of those who hold no value upon our Constitution.

It's an ingenious ploy by the Globalists who control the Democratic Party’s elite, to perpetuate the idea that President Trump somehow worked with Russians to accomplish his victory, which he did not, in order to distract from the<a href=""> illicit surveillance </a>and known crimes of the FBI, the Democratic National Committee, Barack Hussein Obama, William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That's the <i>”real Russian collusion,”</i> where Barack Obama manipulate numerous<a href=""> government agencies as Hillary Clinton </a>used the State Department to help assist her Husband Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation gain profit for a Clinton Foundation board member and friend Frank Giustra in his assets of a Kazakh Uranium Mining expedition, one-fifth of America's Uranium supply, in which Vladimir Putin was trying to seize from the Kazakhstan leadership.

Most people are unaware of the history of the Uranium One case, and for those who haven't yet read it, I urge you all to read The Goldwater exclusive,<a href=""> <h4>“Tick Tock: The Complete History of the Clinton Crime Family and Uranium One from A to Z,”</h4> </a>which is the most extensive report about the criminal betrayal of the American people and the endangerment to the National Security of the United States of America which occurred under the Obama Regime.

You have pundits in the “fake news” media, and Democratic politicians as well as ultra-unintelligent liberal voters who attempt to paint the crimes of Uranium One as being misleading, or false entirely, but a<a href=""> thirteen-count Indictment from the Department of Justice </a>proves that propaganda to be exactly that, a lie to cover up the crimes of the Obama and the Clinton machines.

indictments against Mark Lambert specifically name JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX), which is a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation, as well as the sole supplier of Russian Federation uranium enrichment and enrichment services. Lambert, who is connected to TENEX, faces one count of conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and to commit wire fraud, seven counts of violating the FCPA, two counts of wire fraud and one count of international promotion money laundering.

When President Obama came into office, Tenam USA would be led by Russian Officials Vadim Mikerin, who eventually was sentenced to 48 months in prison for a money laundering conspiracy of his own, according to the<a href=""> Department of Justice</a>.

Many Trump supporters themselves have become impatient, and rightfully so, with the lack of justice surrounding the Uranium One scandal, but rest assured that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is hard-at-work building the single largest criminal conspiracy case in the history of the American government.

Records show substantial eyebrow-raising evidence surrounding Mikerin, who himself was engaged in a racketeering scheme inside of the United States of America, involving bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering conspiracies that date as far back as early 2009, shortly after Barack Hussein Obama came into power in America.

As it would later be found, Obama allowed Mikerin to enter the United States on a temporary L1 work visa in 2010.

The FBI says, however, as part of their racketeering investigation mentioned above, that Mikerin was operating in America as early as 2009.

These “official” reports of a work visa timeline from the Obama Administration's records simply don't match that of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, showing that someone is lying or that someone manipulated the data to remove complicity, perhaps for the Obama Administration.

Nothing would surprise the public since the corrupt James Comey would literally get on his knees to please his master, Barack Obama.

That discrepancy would be in part what has pressured the remaining patriots inside the FBI to further examine the connections between Obama and Mikerin, and even more importantly, the relationship between Obama and Mikerin’s employers of TENEX and it's parent company Rosatom.

Unsurprisingly, Mikerin’s visa would be renewed again by the Obama Administration, in 2014, which again begs to question just what type of connection Obama actually has to these Russian mobsters.

Never forget, it was Obama who promised Vladimir Putin he would “have more flexibility” after his election. Yet, Trump is somehow accused of being a Russian operative? Laughable. Obama and Hillary were literally in bed with Putin for almost a decade.

The Uranium One case is long, descriptive, and painfully destructive. I implore again for everyone to read the Goldwater exclusive,<a href=""> <h4>“Tick Tock: The Complete History of the Clinton Crime Family and Uranium One from A to Z,”</h4> </a>for more information about the scandal.

This is why Representative Gohmert, as well as so many others inside Congress, understand the importance of exposing the scandal to restore integrity to our government. These crimes must not go unpunished.

I for one, trust Jeff Sessions, and until he gives me a reason not to, I'll keep the faith in his abilities.

Several members of both the House Intelligence Committee, and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence have since operated behind closed doors to examine the connections themselves, since it's beyond clear that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has become subverted and corrupt, working to protect the Clintons and Barack Obama through their past scandals.

It is concerning that a suspected criminal was able to apply for and renew a work visa while being under FBI investigation," Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote in a letter in the fall of 2017.

With the heroes of our time, <a href="">Chuck Grassley </a>and <a href=""> Devin Nunes </a>being so brazenly charismatic and in-depth in their efforts to work outside the boundaries of party lines, alongside the efforts of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, they're probing deeper as the AG and OIG reconstruct the timeline of events surrounding the betrayal of our National Security.

Attorney General<a href=""> Jeff Sessions,</a>, along with the Office of the Inspector General, led by Michael Horowitz, have so far exposed the likes of the now-fired former Deputy FBI Director<a href=""> Andrew McCabe</a>, the demoted and shameful Deputy Attorney General<a href=""> Bruce Ohr</a> for his ties to Fusion GPS, including his wife<a href=""> Nellie Ohr</a> for her own ties to Fusion GPS, the despicable Deputy Attorney General<a href=""> Rod Rosenstein</a>, the disgraced former Attorney General<a href=""> Eric Holder</a>, the corrupt former Attorney General<a href=""> Loretta Lynch</a>, the corrupt globalist puppet and mastermind who covered up the crimes of Hillary Clinton, now-fired former FBI Director<a href=""> James Comey,</a> the founder of Fusion GPS<a href=""> Glenn Simpson</a>, his wife and accomplice<a href=""> Mary Jacoby</a>, the also now-fired Acting Deputy Attorney General and “Never Trump” globalist<a href=""> Sally Yates</a>, former FBI Assistant Director of the Counter-Intelligence Division<a href=""> Bill Preistap</a>, British MI6 Agent and Fusion GPS contractor<a href=""> Christopher Steele</a>, the number two in command of Hillary Clinton's email investigation and the Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division<a href=""> Peter Strzok</a>, as well as the mistress of Strzok and government attorney<a href=""> Lisa Page</a>, a mysterious man who has ties to both the CIA and Council on Foreign Relations, James Comey's “special assistant” and now CNN employee<a href=""> Josh Campbell</a>, the former President and accused rapist<a href=""> Bill Clinton</a>, as well as his wife the crooked sociopath<a href=""> Hillary Clinton</a>, and of course the top of the chain, enemy number one,<a href=""> Barack Hussein Obama.</a>

These are the some of the major targets who have been implicated in the enormous crimes of the century committed under the last Administration, and they're all being examined and investigated by both Jeff Sessions and Michael Horowitz. Critics of Sessions need to remember, without him and his clever recusal none of these people would be exposed to the extent they have to date.

Patience is key here, we're discussing one of the most crucial cases in American history, and the people of this nation have to rely on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to make the proper judgments during his hard-fought efforts to restore integrity to the government.

There are numerous investigations being carried out right now that will both show the FBI as complicit in FISA Abuses, covering up the Clinton email scandal, protecting the Clinton Foundation (with the foundation itself having made suspicious payments to members of the FBI and DOJ), and most importantly working to sweep Uranium One under the rug.

Not to mention, the newest of revelations that the social media giant<a href=""> Facebook colluded with Obama </a>assisting with the Obama for America campaign, Obama for America, to illicitly hand over the personal information of at least 50 million American citizens, that could have been used to rig the 2012 elections.

That crime in and of itself is monumentally earth-shattering for Facebook and has brought the company to its knees, with it's<a href=""> stock plummeting </a>as a result.

The current cases that are being wrapped up inside of the government have the intelligence community at odds with various branches of the government, and the party lines are engaged in m diabolical style sense of warfare that could be described<a href=""> all-out civil war </a>occurring inside the federal government.

The “swamp” of the government is being flushed out and drained by the President of the United States of America, and with every move, he makes against the corruption that's deeply rooted within the government tied into the Globalist-backed Democratic Party, the “fake news” media attacks his actions.

You could say it's “chaotic,” or you could say the President of the United States of America is understandably remaining “calm before the storm,” as the clouds overhead are beginning to pour down the rain of judgment and justice.

Have faith in the appointments of President Trump, trust in his clever tactics, and trust Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

As lore members of Congress grow tired of the witch hunt and speak up, the more moderate Americans realize how Trump has been treated is beyond disgusting and was designed as an intentional distraction from Uranium One, the FISA abuses, and the numerous crimes of the past regime.

Justice is coming.

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