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GOP's Rooney: FBI and DOJ Must be 'Purged' Amidst McCabe, Ohr, Strzok, Meuller Corruption

Today on a live network broadcast on MSNBC, a prominent Florida Republican member of the House of Representatives, Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL), gave a blunt and direct message to the Deep State as per the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice saying that both need a “Purge” after the levels of secretive corruption America has witnessed having been revealed and exposed under the Trump Presidency.

Representative Rooney bravely stated what must happen inside the law enforcement agencies of the Federal Government including the leadership of many intelligence communities and high ranking officials that climbed into power under Barack Hussein Obama's corrupt Administration; either through appointments of Marxists into positions of power or hiring practices that allowed the Democratic Party and their Globalist financiers to ensure they could literally manipulate their opposition without being exposed.

During the interview today on MSNBC's Live broadcast anchor Hallie Jackson was questioning Rooney when he pushed forth with a blunt redpilling effort that left Jackson trying to virtue signal or toss out strawman responses because the truth was simply too much for MSNBC to handle.

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MSNBC's Hallie Jackson: “Before I let you go, I need to ask you about the president and his tweets. He’s been fairly quiet Christmas day, but the president is tweeting about the FBI. He’s been tweeting about his Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, why is that the right message right now for Donald Trump and Republicans?”

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL): “Well, there’s two issues here. Yes, the president does have his own unique communication style, which I don’t think any of us have seen the use of Twitter deployed so broadly as a president does. But on the investigation, that investigation is totally off the rails. And I am really concerned.”

MSNBC's Hallie Jackson: “But he’s not tweeting about the investigation. He is tweeting about the Deputy Director. He’s tweeting about FBI agents. Congressman, do you think that is appropriate for the President?”

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL): “I’m very concerned that the DOJ and the FBI, whether you want to call it deep state or what, are kinda off the rails. When you look at what the Strzok guy was texting, you look at that Ohr guy talking to the [fake Russian, paid for by Hillary Clinton, created by Fusion GPS] dossier Clinton op research people, and the McCabe guy’s wife takes $600,000 from Clinton-related sources while running for state Senator .”

MSNBC's Hallie Jackson: “Congressman, you just called the FBI and the DOJ off the rails, something that you’re okay with talking about here? How does that not sort of undermine the work that the agencies are doing?”

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL): “I think the American people have very high standards for our government agencies and to see people like these.”

MSNBC's Hallie Jackson: “Are the agencies not living up to the standards?”

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL): “Well, those aforementioned examples are really nerve-racking to me and undermine my confidence that the agencies don’t respect the Constitution and will not put the ends before the means.”

MSNBC's Hallie Jackson: “That’s a pretty broad brush that you’re painting with.”

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL): “Yeah, but we have seen a lot of ends-before-the-means culture, both out of the Obama administration and out of Hillary Clinton, with her $84 million dollars of potentially illegal campaign contributions or the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One. People need a good, clean government.”

MSNBC's Hallie Jackson: “Do you think people don’t have a good, clean government? I have to let you go, but the point I’m trying to get at, the ones looking at the comments you’re making and say Republicans are working to essentially trying to discredit the Department of Justice and thus discredit the Russia investigations. Is that not what you’re doing?”

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL): “No, I don’t want to discredit them. I would like to see the directors of the agencies purge it. And say, look, we have a lot of great agents, a lot of great lawyers here, those are the people I want the American people to see and know the good work is being done, not these people who are kind of the Deep State.”

(Take note, at this point the ‘redpilling’ from Representative Rooney by using terminology such as “Deep State” and “purge” really begins to trigger the snowflake MSNBC anchor, who I assume had producers chiming into her ear screaming for her to virtue signal and toss out strawman arguments to respond to his phrases because they knew he was being far too honest for their network to allow.)

MSNBC's Hallie Jackson: “Language like that, Congressman, purge. Purge the Department of Justice?”

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL): “Well, I think that Mr. Strzok could be purged, sure.”

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At this point, Rooney had dropped repeated bombshells in the language he spoke onto the MSNBC network; who's typically reporting a “soft and fluffy, cotton ball” rhetoric towards their snowflake viewers.

Everything Rooney stated was correct though, and we've seen on multiple occasions now the collapse of the corrupt Special Counsel Robert Mueller's<a href=""> ridiculously biased </a>probe.

I've consistently reported at The Goldwater on the levels of corruption that has plagued Robert Mueller's career, with most recently discussing the<a href=""> potentially illegal obtaining of emails </a>by Mueller of the Trump transition team, Trump campaign, and the Trump Administration.

The so-called “war against the Deep State”, is a reality that we as Americans have actually been combating for generations, although many may not have realized it until President Trump brought it back into the limelight.

There's been an effort to bring down members of the Trump Administration since prior to President Trump's inauguration; through a covert and potentially illegal means of deception.

Those members of the Trump Administration who were targeted specifically were chosen to be placed into the crosshairs of the Deep State because they posed a threat to the Globalists who have long since retained a “secret society” control of the establishment through financial lobbying.

Many of those members of the Trump Administration such as General Michael Flynn had publicly brought to light topics that those “puppet masters” have tried to silence, such as Michael Flynn mentioning the underground circuit of child sex trafficking that's widely believed to be tied to many elites and politicians.

Revelations such as those made them primary targets, for mentioning what the Globalists have kept hidden through their ownership and control of the Mainstream Media; none of which ever report on pedophile or child sex trafficking arrests large or small despite their being a massive interest from the general public in hearing those stories.

Since this time, however, the majority of the attempts to smear President Trump has backfired against not just the left but the entire establishment.

We've seen the fall of<a href=""> Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr</a>, based upon his demotion as a result of his ties to Fusion GPS after it was confirmed that Ohr had direct ties to the British spy behind it, Christopher Steele.

Ohr has direct ties and contacts last year with dossier author Christopher Steele as well as with Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of Fusion GPS, which seemingly shows that the Obama Justice Department under Lynch was actively working to setup then-Candidate Donald J. Trump to further underscore their need and desire to wiretap the incoming transition team, a long-held belief by many Trump supporters that the entire series of events was a fraud.

It may not seem surprising to those who have followed the white rabbit, but the calm before the storm is certainly removing damaging yet powerful individuals from the United States government who would work against the Oval Office inside of America's federal departments in a veil of secrecy.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reportedly work closely beside Ohr, which brings a multitude of questions about Rosenstein to light as well as per these new revelations.

Keep in mind Rod Rosenstein is who appointed Robert Mueller to begin with. I have a feeling by the time this is all said and done Rosenstein will be exposed in some way, and if not he's going to on his knees groveling.

We've wasted countless millions of taxpayer dollars to investigate the false claims of Russia Collusion under Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the only results that have been provided thus far show proof of Clinton bias with now removed Agent Peter Strzok exposing the entire investigation as a fraud.

General Michael Flynn, for example, has had his good name dragged through the mud and his entire career ripped apart, forced into a guilty plea by an agent who had an incomprehensible bias to begin with.

Not to mention that it now appears as if the entire investigation into the actual crimes against Hillary Clinton was infiltrated, and botched, since we now know that Peter Strzok was working as the number two involved in investigating the misuse and improper handling of Hillary Clinton's email server, and simultaneously having been working to protect the Clintons.

Peter Strzok also improperly manipulated the findings of that investigation, to manipulate the final conclusion given by James Comey in order to give the impression that Hillary Clinton's aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, had done nothing wrong.

Essentially Peter Strzok, as we now know, is voraciously Anti-Trump, and Pro-Hillary Clinton, and may even potentially have committed Federal Crimes in the cover-up of he actually crimes committed by the Clinton Campaign and her aides (it's believed so but this is not something that I can determine, but for Congress and a multitude of committees to decide).

<a href="">Peter Strzok, who was the number two FBI Agent in charge of Hillary Clinton's Email Server investigation</a> has been fully exposed in recent months.

As if matters weren't already incredibly suspicious between Strzok and his Clinton bias, he was also appointed as a leading agent into Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s (also biased) investigation into the Trump Campaign and transitional team's nonexistent alleged Russian Collusion investigation, even whilst having this obvious pro-Clinton, Anti-Trump bias.

Remember, Special Agent Peter Strzok not only assisted in covering up Hillary Clinton's server case, in which he actually changed James Comey’s phrasing of the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton which essentially let her off the hook.

He then continued to investigate the Trump's whole team under Robert Mueller's apparent witch hunt, while maintaining a now-proven Anti-Trump bias based upon the multiple Anti-Trump text messages, which The Goldwater covered while<a href=""> at the time criticizing Jeff Sessions in defending Peter Strzok</a>, especially after we now know that he sent to his mistress, Lisa Page, which serves as absolute proof of a bias against President Trump and support of Hillary Clinton.

In addition to this, Peter Strzok was able to obtain a partial confession from General Michael Flynn that led to a plea deal.

That confession was obtained via fraud because the Mueller team never granted any disclosure of the exculpatory material surrounding Peter Strzok to Flynn’s defense team (the obvious defense perspective here is that Michael Flynn should seek to have his confession and plea deal thrown out as null and void because of this).

Despite that anger, many felt towards Sessions in defending Strzok, he's since returned to give himself credence once again, in announcing that he's<a href=""> reordered the Department of Justice to look into the Uranium One </a>evidence against both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

This comes after we know ongoing<a href=""> interviews with FBI Agents </a>are being conducted as part of the Justice Department’s effort to fulfill a promise that<a href=""> Jeff Sessions made to the House Judiciary Committee </a>last month to examine whether a Special Counsel was warranted to look into what has become known as the Uranium One deal, a senior Justice Department official said in regards to the case.

Sometimes we have to be tough on Sessions and the Department of Justice and demand more from the Administration. President Trump alone cannot combat the Deep State without their assistance.

What's hilarious in some sense is Jeff Sessions was tricked into recusing over a meeting with a Russian Ambassador, which he did nothing wrong by having a sit down with the man.

Democrats screamed he couldn't oversee anything to do with Russia because of this meeting, yet Robert Mueller himself personally hand-delivered Highly Enriched Uranium samples to Russia, as first reported by<a href=""> Wikileaks</a>; and that should have caused Mueller to be excluded from any oversight into a Russia involved investigation as well.

Everyone can see now what the Deep State actually is, in terms of a widespread syndicate of a shadow government attempt, and how far their tentacles go.

I respect Jeff Sessions greatly and have often suggested that his largest flaw was recusing himself, because that's what the Democrats, the Deep State, and their Globalist handlers wanted in order to protect the criminal aspect of what both Barack Obama, the Loretta Lynch Justice Department, and the Hillary Clinton campaign did in creating a fraudulent document by funding Fusion GPS and then later using that fictitious evidence as a reason to obtain wiretaps of the Trump Campaign to try and steal the election.

After President Trump won, there was a scramble inside the Federal Government to remove any evidence of the fake Dossier being used as a reason to obtain the wiretaps, while simultaneously using that same fraudulent document to monitor the incoming Trump transition team.

I doubt very much that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton ever expected the world to learn that Hillary Clinton financed the Trump Dossier or that many “Never-Trump” Republicans such as John McCain had advanced knowledge about it.

Just last week the House Intelligence Committee brought a close associate of the Arizona Senator, David Kramer, a former State Department official, onto Capitol Hill for an intense interrogation session.

This only further implicates John McCain and likely has him fearing the truth will be revealed, that he not only knew about the Trump Dossier in advance, as proven, or that he handed it over to the FBI, as also has been proven; but that<a href=""> John McCain himself hated Trump </a>so much that he personally played a role in trying to bring him down pre-election.

Sir Andrew Wood, a former British Ambassador to Russia, first told<a href=""> John McCain and David Kramer </a>about the Trump Dossier back in November of 2016, alleging that McCain himself had advanced knowledge of the Fake Trump Dossier which was created by British MI6 Agent Christopher Steele and given to<a href=""> “Fake News” Buzzfeed </a>to publish, through the<a href=""> financing of the Hillary Clinton </a>Campaign which later openly<a href=""> bragged about the smear </a>for her candidacy.

Kramer is so intertwined with John McCain, that since leaving the State Department he's become a Senior Director at the McCain Institute, which is supposedly a non-profit organization.

Without a shadow of a doubt it was John McCain who handed over the fraudulent Fusion GPS document to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which then through the<a href=""> Loretta Lynch led </a>Department of Justice contacted<a href=""> Barack Obama </a>and used the Fake Trump Dossier as a reason to seek out FISA warrants to wiretap both multiple members of the Trump Campaign pre-election in order to benefit Hillary Clinton, and eventually the Trump transition team after Donald Trump won the Presidency.

“John McCain was tipped off to the existence of the Fake Trump Dossier (who at the time had no idea it was fraudulent, and instead tried to propagate the document as somehow having proof that Russians were blackmailing Donald Trump) by the former British ambassador to Russia, who at McCain’s request arranged for the author of the dossier, former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, to meet with Kramer to show him “the pre-election memoranda on a confidential basis,” according to court filings.

Despite knowing that the document is fraudulent, many Democrats and likely the “Never Trump” crowd within the GOP have still attempted to this day to find out if any of the unbelievable allegations in the dossier hold any merit.

As we now know, a Russian American lobbyist and Veteran of the Russian Military,<a href=""> Rinat Akhmetshin</a>, met with President Trump's team inside of Trump Tower, and that was attempted to have been used against Trump to allege some type of Kremlin connection.

Despite this, as it turns out Rinat Akhmetshin is actually on the<a href=""> visitors logs </a>of the White House for meeting with Barack Obama prior to his meeting with the Trump Campaign, which in the eyes of many is absolute proof that Barack Hussein Obama used Akhmetshin as a plant in order to further underscore his logic to spy on political opponents in the Trump Administration.

Of course it's also been proven that now demoted Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr had tied to Fusion GPS, and that Deputy Attorney General<a href=""> Rod Rosenstein </a>, who appointed the <a href=""> corrupt Special Counsel </a>Robert Mueller, also worked closely with Ohr.

All of this after the exposure of<a href=""> Peter Strzok</a>, bias against Trump, has been a source of headlines for several weeks now.

Unsurprisingly enough, as we've reported before, John McCain is a “Never Trumper” who's not only<a href=""> a traitor </a>to the GOP and America, with a<a href=""> hidden past </a>that most are unwilling to discuss, but also was directly involved in pressing the now-proven fraudulent Trump Dossier into the media spotlight in an attempt to give Hillary Clinton the boost necessary for her to win the 2016 election (it didn't work, Johnny boy).

This could potentially explain why John McCain has claimed to need the seem treatment instead of voting for the Tax Reform plan this week in the Senate, in order to shield himself from any backlash while trying to garnish sympathy.

Since we know that the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign financed the Fusion GPS created Fake Trump Dossier, it should be reminded to the American people daily that John McCain helped to propagate this lie because he despised Trump so much.

Any investigation into the origins of the document, and who knew about it could essentially destroy John McCain if he's found to have more ties than he's let on, and hopefully expose various “Never Trumpers” that back the GOP.

Right now the Democrats, the media, and the Deep State are desperate to catch a victory against the President who keeps winning after the<a href=""> Tax Cuts </a>passed, and<a href=""> removing $285 Million in funding from the United Nations </a>as a result of<a href=""> Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem</a>and to move Israel's embassy to their capital in Jerusalem; so they've returned to their worn out methods of smear campaigns.

The New York Times, of course, ran a fake news<a href=""> hit piece on the President accusing him of racism</a>, which backfired and the NYT was exposed yet again.

We witnessed the Treasury Department<a href=""> issued Sanctions against five Russians </a>, including the leader of Chechnya, no doubt as per orders from the Deep State.

Their intent is to make relations between Putin and Trump rocky, which backfired because Putin laughs at the weak attempts to bait him from the Deep State.

A major problem for these Globalists is that in their desperation always causes them to make mistakes.

The storm is indeed coming folks, and the entire Deep State and their Globalist handlers are shaking in their boots. They simply cannot defeat President Trump. He just… He <i>just keeps winning.</i>

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